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A Remedy Kit in Time Saves Time

Summer holidays! Sunny days and time off work and school means time for adventure, travel and outdoor fun. Or maybe it’s a staycation this year? What are you plans?

Whether it is summer camps, riding horses, backyard B-B-Q’s, climbing/hiking or traveling to developing countries, here are some suggestions for homeopathic kits that will go anywhere with you and/or your family members.

And watch for feature articles in the next issue of Homeopathy First Magazine where there will be even more suggestions!

Gracie and TulipRecently our whole family spent the day at the Palmer Ranch in Southern Alberta. I packed a ‘just-in-case’ remedy kit and thankfully no remedies were needed, but here are some suggestions if you are off to riding camp this summer or spending a day at the ranch!

Gracie found a horseshoe hidden in the grass and thankfully, despite the nails still being in the lucky find nobody got a puncture wound.

The remedy? For possibility of tetanus or just for puncture wounds in general (think mosquito bites or bug bites even), give Ledum and Hypericum alternately for 2 to 3 times, every 15 minutes is a good amount of time. A 30CH is a good potency to have in your kit.

We were prepared for a hot sunny day with hats and sunglasses but the clouds spared us from any burns or heatstroke. But ‘just in case’, pack the Belladonna in a 30CH or 200CH. Flushed face with dilated pupils, throbbing/pulsating headache are all indications that the heat of the sun has gotten the better of you.

Open campfires, B-B-Q’s or cooking on commercial-size stoves can be a burn opportunity. The best remedy to have on hand? Cantharis. Again, a 30CH or 200CH will do. Give the remedy for up to 4 times depending on the severity of the burn. And if it is a very bad burn, you are on the way to emergency.

Bee sting? Take along homeopathic bee venom or Apis mellifica and you will find very quick relief.

Plagued by mosquitoes? Try Mozi-Q, a combination homeopathic formula that might just prevent being eaten alive.

For falls, bumps, bruises be sure to have Arnica with you. And for crushed fingers/toes (think being stepped on by a horse or pony), be sure to get out the Hypericum. Even vehicle doors that get closed on fingers/hands accidentally can be helped with 2-3 doses of Hypericum. Or a fall from a horse or climbing trail? Give some Aconite alternately with the Arnica to help with the shock.

That’s just a quick list. Watch for the second issue of Homeopathy First Magazine where we will give you many more must-have remedy suggestions whether you are journeying to India, Africa, climbing Machu Pichu or staying at homRemedy Casee.

If you need a remedy case for all your in case-of’s, contact Renewal Homeopathy and Wellness at or 403-202-8507.

For more suggestions on what to include in your summer remedy kit, read this free guide:

Top 10 Summer Remedies

Yours in health, healing and a summerful of fun!


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