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Arhive Title: stress

When Loving and Caring Becomes Exhaustion in the Season of ‘Joy’

  Have you heard of the expression ‘The Sandwich Generation’? Loving is one slab of the bread, caring the other slab, and in between, the filling can all too often be the bitterness or blandness of exhaustion. Exhaustion can quickly become indifference for some and illness for others. Maybe even anger for someone else in … Read more

Grateful for You: It’s A Good Day

  Last week was newsletter #198 and that means some of you, for once a week since December 2012, have graciously received me into your email inbox. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. You are SO appreciated! In a day when it is easy to skip reading blog posts, newsletters and when it … Read more

Hope in the Darkest of Times

“Life has been a series of some very unusual circumstances this past week. I know I am not alone. Although the carol says, ” ’tis the season to be jolly”! It should maybe be sung instead to the words “ ’tis the season to be human’. I was scanning through to see what I wrote … Read more

Too Much Ho Ho Ho Merry Merry!

Can holidays be too much of a good thing? Within the last three months of the calendar years, those of us living in North America, have three ‘big’ holidays – Thanksgiving, Halloween and then Christmas. During my parenting years, we added two birthdays in that same three months! Despite the frigid temperatures, I looked forward … Read more