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The 100-Day Cough – AKA Whooping Cough

A one-time case in my private homeopathic practice this week is hardly call for a whooping cough epidemic in Calgary but a quick search on the internet revealed that there have been several outbreaks happening in Canada and the USA these last few years. Whooping cough or Pertussis happens, even in the vaccinated population. So … Read more

Polio: Past and Present

Two offers for you: 1. Measles Essentials: A Free Sample eClass Get a good idea of what to expect in the 12-week eCourse. Plus, you’ll get some great measles information in the midst of the current outbreaks. 2. Vaccine Free: Now what? 12-Week eCourse If the information below on Polio is helpful to you, consider registering for this eCourse. … Read more