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Arhive Title: parenting

When Loving and Caring Becomes Exhaustion in the Season of ‘Joy’

  Have you heard of the expression ‘The Sandwich Generation’? Loving is one slab of the bread, caring the other slab, and in between, the filling can all too often be the bitterness or blandness of exhaustion. Exhaustion can quickly become indifference for some and illness for others. Maybe even anger for someone else in … Read more

Amaranth Tea, Magnolias and Azaleas

Imagine. A two and a half hour plane ride from snowy Calgary and you can be in Palo Alto, California sitting on a back deck sipping star shaped Amaranth tea with the fragrance of magnolias filling the air (although I do have to confess, the neighbours have chickens…and it smells like that, too!). And where … Read more