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Arhive Title: fever

Mercury Retrograde with an Opportunity


Hello ! Apparently Mercury retrograde started last week and with that, the potential for miscommunication. I simply translate mercury retrograde as an opportunity for something good to come out of what could be perceived as something gone wrong. Nothing gone wrong, simply things you want to change and make better. The offer of the discounted … Read more

Sitting, Slow Medicine, Sick Kids and Our Spiritual Journey

Happy Valentine’s Day! Wishing you a love-filled day today and every day. Today’s message is just for you…when you give all you have to help your loved ones feel better. As mothers and women (and yes…some pretty terrific dads too…and nannies) we have been caring for sick ones from generation to generation. From hot steam … Read more

Seasons of Sick: Opportunities for Healing

What are seasonal illness (flu, coughs, colds) like in your part of the world? Here in Calgary and the province of Alberta, winter illness has been epic. Whole families sick 4-6 weeks…sometimes longer. Being sick is awful. Being sick with sick kids adds a whole other dimension! Having a postpartum depression with sick kids can … Read more

Fever is a Friend

In keeping with a ‘taste’ of the Vaccine Free: Now What? 12-week e-course, today is all about fever. Fever as Friend not Foe In preparation for the global autism symposium (my reason for being in California), I learned even more about fever. Information is there on the Internet and often, as busy parents, you just … Read more

Supporting your child through illness

I have been searching a lifetime and the world, looking for purpose and a teaching that might become my own to carry. Like a crow on a journey, I have collected shiny bits of information, glittering baubles of this and that on the internet and in looking through my “cache”, I have discovered that I … Read more