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Arhive Title: childbirth

Mothering As A Spiritual Journey

  Belated Mother’s Day Greetings, About 4-5 months after the birth of my first child, I had a post partum depression. Too many sleepless nights, a colicky baby and an episiotomy that left me scarred emotionally and physically left me as a woman unrecognizable to myself. Then exhaustion set in. Then an identity crisis. I … Read more

The Secret Life of Babies

“You created every part of me;         you put me together in my mother’s womb. … When my bones were being         formed,         carefully put together in my         mother’s womb,         when I was growing there in   … Read more

Bumps, Babies, and Birthing

Meet Katie! Guest blogger. Katie is one of the graduating students of the Western College of Homeopathy this June. The graduates are an amazing group of homeopaths who know lots about helping kids heal…grown-ups too! Watch for future guest blogs from some of the other students in the near future. This newsletter will mark the … Read more