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Mothering As A Spiritual Journey


Mothering as a Spiritual Journey

Belated Mother’s Day Greetings,

About 4-5 months after the birth of my first child, I had a post partum depression. Too many sleepless nights, a colicky baby and an episiotomy that left me scarred emotionally and physically left me as a woman unrecognizable to myself. Then exhaustion set in. Then an identity crisis. I was lousy at being a mom. I remember asking myself, if who I am is what I do, then who am I?

So began my search for self and for meaning. Even my pastor at the time could offer little help so he sent me to a convent/retreat center where Sister Nora took care of me. I also have my sister to thank. At 16 years of age when summers are filled with friends, boys and fun, she came out to care for my son while I slept. Five days of sleeping half the day before I felt like I was rested! Young and first time mothers need a lot of support.

So in continued support of moms, I am extending the 40% discount to the 12-week Vaccine Free: Now What ? course until midnight tonight May 16, 2017. I meant to mention it in last week’s newsletter…and forgot. If you follow me on FB you would have seen the offer but for those of you who may have missed that notice, I thought it only fair that I send this to you today with the extension. Besides…mother’s day is every day in my world!

Here is the link for the course with 40% off coupon. Regular $595.00 CDN. With the discount $357.00 CDN. 3 monthly payments of $119.40 CDN.

Also, the weekly newsletters will now be published bi-weekly. It’s not just moms who need a break from babies/children but also Grammas who are pushing just a little too hard. Businesses can be like babies that way…a lot of worries, sometimes loss of sleep and they keep you running! A sickness 2 weeks ago (sicknesses can be a wake up call) stopped me in my tracks and I had to re-evaluate my energy resources. So this Gramma is slowing up a little and one of the ways to help myself is to move to publishing these posts every two weeks.

And the spiritual part? I continue to grow in that area too as I hope you do too. Despite how awful an illness can be, how desperate a depression can be, how colicky a baby can be…sometimes…many times…that is when we begin to ask, what is the meaning of my life, who am I and what am I here to do? Together we can find meaning, purpose and love wherever our personal situation finds us.

Thank you all for your support in taking care of moms…and Grammas!

And here is the link to the 40% discount. Simply click Buy Now link below.

Buy Now 
Yours in health and healing,

Donna Powers

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