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Shout-Outs and Heads Up!

Maybe you are as surprised as I am that it is already almost the middle of August! The summer in Calgary has been very wet and, most recently, quite cool. Despite the weather challenges, many of us are enjoying the longer days of light and reluctant to admit that September is only 2 ½ weeks away. Oh dear.

With September comes the trek back to school for kids – and adults, too, for that matter. The fall for me always brings opportunities for learning. And the next best thing to learning? Why…it’s sharing what I learn! Just ask my mom. I have memories arriving at home for lunch during the school week (the days of walking to school, a stay-at-home mom, and a lunch time that was long enough that you could go home!) eager to share with her what I learned that morning. Mind you, if I was harboring hard feelings left over from a morning spat, I thought that the biggest punishment I could mete out was to NOT share what I learned. Thinking back on it now, my mom quite possibly enjoyed the quiet lunch period!

I have to confess, it was very hard to keep my mouth shut for very long, no matter how much I was determined to show my mom how upset I was over some perceived injustice. There was always too much exciting information to share. Maybe that is why I write these blogs every week…so much to share with you!

One of my favorite blogs/websites these days is The Thinking Moms’ Revolution. The other is Andrea Lalama’s website, Reversing Autism. What both of these websites share are parents who are researching and thinking for themselves, sorting through science journals and medical research, and recovering their children from a diagnosis of autism. Their courage, perseverance, and willingness to share information with other parents is awe-inspiring.

We live in a technological day and age where we can share and learn at the speed of light…well…maybe at the speed of an Internet connection! For an information nut like me, this is as close to nirvana as I can get. So when I learn, I share too!

My biggest shout-out, though, is for my own adult son and his wife. The past two weeks have been a medical education at one level, and at a personal level, scary. Our granddaughter was diagnosed with a blood disorder called Hereditary Spherocytosis. Nothing like doing research on the net, though, to give you another scare! But my son and daughter-in-law, like so many amazing parents today, are doing their own research and making informed decisions as to what this diagnosis means in terms of treatment and prevention. Getting sick with a viral illness will always be a concern for Gracie now. We are grateful for the support that homeopathy offers, and we will keep you updated on this particular journey!

Ever the organizer and always looking for ways to efficiently share information with you, the weekly newsletter will now be set up to feature a specific topic each week of the month:

1. A blog or website that I have found to be very helpful in terms of homeopathy, health, healing, or nutrition (and maybe a website that is just plain cool). There are so many folks on the net sharing such great information; my hope is to save you some time and do the researching for you. Love, love, love the researching!
2. A seasonal or common condition where homeopathy can help support healing (e.g. flu, coughs, colds, travel, sore throats, digestive problems, teething, etc.).
3. A “Remedy of the Month” starting with the remedies most often used for at-home acute care, and especially remedies most often used for flu. One of my earliest and most urgent ‘missions’ in life after learning about homeopathy was to make sure everyone had an ‘at-home remedy kit’ – especially for flu. After the SARS epidemic in 2006 and reading Dr. Vincent Lam’s book, Flu Pandemic and You: A Canadian Guide, I was convinced that, if everyone had a kit of 10-15 homeopathic remedies, so much could be done to help those with flu.
Doctor’s offices and hospitals will be inundated when an epidemic hits…and it’s not an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ an epidemic strikes.
The flu strain will be new to humans, which means that the flu vaccine will not help, and it will be questionable whether anti-virals will be effective with the novel flu virus circulating. So…once every four weeks, you will receive extensive information on a remedy that will be useful for many illnesses, but especially for flu. By this time next year, you will have your own little materia medica (and I will try to keep all of the symptom information in a way that is easy to understand…instead of ‘homeopathy speak’!), and you will be able to help support family and friends heal in the midst of a flu epidemic or pandemic. Plus, you will learn how to prevent flu using homeopathy…every year no matter what strains are circulating.
4. A remedy or group of remedies for infectious illnesses (e.g. chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella, etc.). This once-every-four-weeks newsletter will be a very abbreviated form of what participants receive in the teleseminar course, Vaccine Free: Now What? And if you like the mini-version each month and are eager to learn more about infectious illnesses in-depth, I’ll be offering the course again this fall. Lots and lots of information to share!!

Every week, behind the scenes, my VA, Casey Sangmeister, works hard to make sure that you receive each blog post on the same day, at the same time, and with a great look to the layout. Being able to write content and leave it in her capable hands is freeing for me. Research and writing, I love; mechanics…well…let’s just say Casey has some fabulous strengths, which makes for a great team. A team that Casey has dubbed Team PoH!

Together, we are working on a big project (hint, hint…looks like a paper magazine, but it’s not on paper!) that will bring you information and stories about homeopathy and healing, using Homeopathy First (another hint…like a title):

  • To help prevent infectious illnesses, whether acute, epidemic, or pandemic (called homeoprophylaxis).
  • To help support healing in acute illnesses. This is where you can use homeopathy on your own or with the help of a homeopath because acute illnesses have a beginning, a middle, and an end (e.g. sore throats, colds, etc.).
  • To help support healing in very serious chronic disease in children – conditions like asthma, eczema, allergies, and…even autism. (Check out The Thinking Moms’ Revolution book to read stories of how homeopathy has helped.)

Lots to learn and share with each other beginning this fall. And as our granddaughter would say while watching a suspenseful section in a movie, “Wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…” The wait will be worth it!

Drop us a line. Share what you know with me and with others. It’s a great way to learn!

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