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Shout Out to Love and Homeopathy

Quick reminder before the ‘Quick Survey’…
Tomorrow, Wednesday, September 18th, is the last day for the early bird price on the teleseminar course, Vaccine Free: Now What? You will still be able to register after that, right up until September 25th. And remember! There is the option to spread payments out… September can hit the pocketbook hard with kids (and adults!) heading back to school. Not sure what Vaccine Free: Now What? is all about? Check it out and, if you have more questions, please feel free to contact me.

On to today’s post!

Have a look at this photo of the chrysanthemum that is on the walkway leading to our front door. Here’s the quick part…first thing that comes into your mind…what do you think and what might the thought lead you to do? Go.

Donna Plays the Game
I pass this plant several times in a day. My first thought if someone says, ‘What a gorgeous plant,’ is to reply, ‘I got it from Costco.’ True, but a pretty boring reply really. Other times I pass by the plant and think, I must water today…I wonder if it is dry…I’m glad we are frost-free this fall…I wonder if it will last until Thanksgiving…

I’m curious…what are your thoughts? What might you think? Let me know!

Well, here’s the ‘What Gracie Did’ moment…
“Oh Gramma…isn’t this plant beautiful?” And with that she takes her almost 5-years-old arms and gently embraces the chrysanthemum, flashes a big smile, and with a hop and a skip makes her way to the front door, leaving me with my mouth hanging open. Wow. Life through the eyes of a child and a simple message:

Embrace what you love! Hug Spontaneously!

Which brings me to this month’s shout out: here’s to two women who love homeopathy and who have set out to spread the word, teach the world, and change the world with and through homeopathy. Meet Linda Miller from the Western College of Homeopathy and Erin Bosch from Xerion Homoeopathie. (If you want a really fun introduction to one of Erin’s products called Mozi-Q, do check out the creative video.)

I am incredibly grateful to be a part of the vision that Linda and Erin hold for homeopathy in Calgary, in Alberta, in Canada, and in the world. The community of parents, staff, homeopaths, and students (a new group of homeopaths graduating in June 2014…watch for it!) who know and love homeopathy is growing – and what a great feeling to be a part of the change that is happening.

Something for Everyone
If you are looking for homeopathic remedies, acute or constitutional consults, and classes for parents, contact Xerion. Sign up for their newsletter or participate in surveys. Xerion really does ‘do it all.’ The Xerion website also has a great story of how it all began. I didn’t mention it before, but Linda and Erin are mother and daughter, and when you check out the story, you will see that they come from a long line of remarkable, visionary women. The Dalai Lama is right…western women are changing the world.

If any of you are looking for an affordable way to be seen by a homeopath, please consider the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine’s student clinic at Xerion Homoeopathie. Once a month, I have the privilege of working with homeopaths-in-the-making as their clinic supervisor. Linda has set up the program so that, upon graduation, students can easily make the transition to practitioners. More practitioners means more options for you and your family when it comes to alternative and complementary health care/prevention.

Thinking of becoming a homeopath? Take the Acute and First Aid Class first. In a combination of live and webinar classes, this 40-hour series of classes teaches you everything you need to know about homeopathy short of deciding to become a homeopath. The fundamental principles of homeopathy and many specific acute and first aid conditions with possible remedies are covered as well as an introduction to case-taking and the use of Kent’s Repertory. You can read more information here.

Some of the work that homeopaths do is to use homeopathy to help heal children from vaccine damage. As the director of the college, Linda is making sure that the graduating students will have these skills.

As homeopaths, we are seeing more and more chronic illness like eczema, asthma, and children diagnosed on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continuum. If you or someone you love is looking for help, please let them know about homeopathy and how it can help support healing.

Here is a testimonial that Linda offered to share; it’s from a grateful parent whose child has benefitted from a homeopathic consult.

Embracing all of you!

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