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September 22, 2016 –  Special Newsletter: Vaccine Free: Now What? Goes Live in Calgary

Recognize any of these scenarios that are becoming more common and are maybe affecting you directly or affecting someone you love?

  1. You just ‘outed’ yourself on FB as being vaccine-free. Scary huh? Wondering who will ‘unfriend’ you? Or send a nasty note?
  2. Or… you posted that you ‘liked’ Vaxxed: From Cover Up to Catastrophe on your wall or you are posting Vaxxed video interviews with parents of vaccine injured children.
  3. Or…your friends and family saw you on the localCalgary news show at the Vaxxed premiere!
  4. Or…you are heard Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych speak live in Calgary about Natural Immunity Fundamentals (and natural immunity is far different from vaccination).

And now ‘they’ know…you are either:

  1. An ‘anti-vaxxer’ (Even though you know you gave vaccines before you knew more);
  2. An anti-vaxxer sympathizer;
  3. Or… you are one of the crazy vaccine free parents whose child is going to ‘infect’ every other child.

And you might be feeling just a little overwhelmed. Scared. Vulnerable. Anxious.

As Kermit the Frog said, ‘It isn’t easy being green.’

The good news? You are none of these labels…but yes…I understand the overwhelm.

Thirty plus years ago FB was a long way off in the future. That was when I started to question vaccines…but only after my boys had been given their DTaP, Polio and MMR vaccines. Only one of them got HiB. Those were the days…just a few jabs. We did not worry about being ‘unfriended’ but we were careful who and where we talked about vaccines…we dared to question. No internet either…word of mouth only. Mommy playgroups.

Back then, there was no issue about ‘booster’ shots…vaccines were promised as life long immunity…shortcut to healthy kids…you wouldn’t need to deal with infectious illnesses…chicken pox maybe but nothing scary about chicken pox back in the day.

Fast forward to the future…you 30-somethings are having your babies, there is FB and vaccine information is on the net. Parents have been divided into an either/or…you’re for vaccines or you’re against vaccines. And all you really want is to make an informed decision on behalf of your kids. Vaccine safety and freedom to choose is what you want. And you want a way to help your kids when they are sick, even if the outbreak is in the vaccinated or unvaccinated population.

And you have since found out, vaccination is not immunity for life. Natural immunity and exposure to infectious childhood illnesses are immunity for life.

So…maybe you are:

  1. Delaying vaccines;
  2. Deciding against vaccines and have never been vaccinated nor will you vaccinate your kids;
  3. Vaccinating and your child has had a vaccine injury and you are stopping vaccination.
  4. A parent of a child with an autoimmune disorder and you can’t vaccinate;
  5. Planning on a family in the near future and you want information on childhood diseases before you have to make the decision whether to vaccinate or not;
  6. Curious about life long immunity to disease and how you achieve that;
  7. A ‘just-in-case’ kind of person and you want to know how to prevent and treat infectious illnesses in the event of an outbreak of measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough, flu, chicken pox, etc.

Then I have something important to share with you…information you will need in the event of an infectious childhood disease (or flu) outbreak.  Please know…these outbreaks are occurring in the vaccinated population as well.

Information that will:

  1. Prevent illness in an outbreak;
  2. Support healing in an outbreak;
  3. Provide life long immunity to an infectious disease.

In this first-ever live 12-week course starting September 29th, 2016, I am going to share with you what I have learned as a parent these past 30 years of researching vaccines and childhood fever and diseases and as a homeopath these past 15 years of formal education and learning from parents who bring their children to see me…some vaccine free, some vaccine injured and some with auto immune disorders.

If attending the course live is too challenging because of kids, work, busy schedules, no worries! You can still access all twelve lessons through the Evergreen course. Online. Available 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.  And works with your schedule!

For more information, details or questions, check our our event poster here or email me at

Here’s what some parents are saying about the course:

“After taking this class with Donna, I feel more confident in determining the specifics of remedies that I should use. As a mother with little children, I quite often find it difficult in the thick of acute sicknesses. In those times, I feel I need to be quick in figuring out which remedy and dilution to use. Donna put my mind at ease by sharing a clear outline to follow when a homeopath cannot be reached. As well, she shared alternative suggestions to try when I feel it is the correct remedy but the illness does not react in a predictable way. (I learned, for instance, the difference between preparing a wet infusion as compared to giving a dry remedy).  I also feel a bit better knowing that I can antidote what has been given if I have given the wrong remedy, or the wrong dose. The information presented in this class would be helpful to all parents. Donna’s dedication to helping people feel empowered and supported while using homeopathy shines through. Thank you Donna for all of your knowledge and expertise!” JS

“It is incredibly helpful to reach out for advice when your children are sick. I very much appreciate the time that Donna puts into the forum and the generous advice that she gives. For me, this advice and actually practicing home treatment has helped me the most in trying to learn about homeopathy. I am hopeful that one day I will have enough experience to try to help others in the forum.” – SC

Yours in health and healing,


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