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Said It Before and Saying It Again: THANK YOU!

Since the first newsletter went out in December of 2012, the mailing list has more than doubled in size (thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!). And…now the second 12-week teleseminar is being offered! THANK YOU for sharing with me a successful first course, and much gratitude for the many more Vaccine Free: Now What? online seminars to come. As long as you and families like you need vaccine free information, I am here to serve.

For those who were part of that very first newsletter, you might recognize the content below. For those who joined us later, this will be ‘new to you’! As weird as it is to be quoting/using content that was written before, it really does capture what the purpose of the 12-week Vaccine Free: Now What? course is all about.

From the newsletter of December 18, 2012:
“As a young family, making choices that are very different from those of our parents can be unsettling…for everyone. Grandparents and extended family think they know better and often their hard-earned wisdom, when graciously offered, can be received with an open heart. But sometimes, when the discussion about vaccines comes up, emotions run high. Fear. Fear of disease and potential complications, and fear of vaccines and potential damage, and fear especially for the health and wellness of the wee ones born into this particular time in history.

Very quickly, fear moves into defensiveness and/or silence. We just won’t talk about ‘it’, we won’t tell our doctors/families of our decision to be vaccine free, or we ‘arm’ ourselves with as much information as we can to justify our decision. We are ready to ‘do battle.’ That leaves us all exhausted, emotionally hurt, and misunderstood when all we really want is to do what’s best for our children and our grandchildren.

So much information! It’s easy to become overwhelmed and simply give up trying to make an ‘informed’ choice. The bottom line? Vaccinated children get sick and vaccine free children get sick, too. Kids simply get sick…a lot. What we want as parents is to learn how to best help them when they are sick – without fear of harming them even more.

How do we move from fear to confidence?

Remember that ‘hard-earned wisdom’? That’s the experience part – that’s how my parents learned, how I learned, and how you will learn, as well. You know your child better than anyone else.

Moving from fear to confidence can come from learning how homeopathy can help with infectious childhood illnesses.

From one of the participants in the first 12-week series:

“Every day I believe more and more how powerful education is…that you have to seek it, to ask questions, to not walk blindly into a conversation pushed by fear. That, as we open up these fears and really look at them, we are not powerless and we can make informed choices.” ~ CB, Calgary

Vaccine Free: Now What?
Having lots of homeopathic resources available to you is important to me. Hopefully you are discovering the newsletters to be helpful in everyday health situations at home and away from home.

But sometimes you need more than the basics – especially when it comes to infectious illnesses like the ones where vaccination is the only option offered by conventional medicine. Maybe your child cannot be vaccinated anymore, for whatever reason. Maybe you prefer to exercise freedom of choice. Whatever the reasons for being vaccine free, preventing and helping children heal from infectious childhood illnesses becomes critical. Infectious illnesses will return and will affect both the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations…adults as well as children. Herd immunity will be a theory only (this is a concept that will be covered in the course).

From another participant in the first 12-week series:

“I really found it helpful to understand with a greater depth the different remedies used with these illnesses (infectious). It was really helpful for me to have when to use different remedies pointed out for me. The remedies I have come to be comfortable with have been in acute situations but not overly intense. To have a picture of the remedies in a more intense situation was really beneficial and brought a much deeper understanding of the breadth a remedy can take.” ~ LP, Alberta

Ready, Set, Go!
Join us for the second Vaccine Free: Now What? 12-week teleseminar series. Learn how to use homeopathy to prevent and help heal infectious illnesses. Reduce fear, gain confidence, and learn how much you can do with homeopathic remedies.

Early Bird Registration Deadline:     Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Final Registration Deadline:     Wednesday, September 25, 2013
First Day of Vaccine Free: Now What?:     Wednesday, October 2, 2013

See you there!

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