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Oh Phooey! ‘I Missed the Flu Call’

For those of you who were on yesterday’s flu phone call…thank you! You inspire me with your desire for information on how homeopathy can help prevent and help heal. Enjoy the handouts and MP3 recording (keep an eye out for the email arriving shortly!).

For those of you who missed the free flu call, though, here’s some really good news. I am deeply committed to you and your families having the information you need to survive any flu season—or infectious illness, for that matter. So…if you would like a copy of the flu handout with homeopathic remedies and what to expect with this season’s vaccine strains, and…if you would like to hear a recording of yesterday’s call, sign up here and we will get that information to you! Why? Just because it’s great information to have—and you deserve to be prepared this flu season!

Gentle Reminders and Important Dates
Next Wednesday, September 18th is the early bird registration deadline for the 12-week online teleseminar course, Vaccine Free: Now What? With an early bird deadline, our behind-the-scenes Virtual Assistant, Casey, is able to help me be really, really organized, which I appreciate beyond belief these days with so much going on in life. We’d love to see you in the course!


Wednesday, September 25th is the final registration deadline for Vaccine Free: Now What? Want to know more about the course? Check it out!

Still have questions or concerns? Drop me a line.

Looking forward to another great group of parents learning and sharing together. Hope to see YOU in the course!

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