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Milk in the Time of Pune

Thank you to Team Prana, Dr. Sunil Anand and all the homeopathic doctors, and to Amit Pawar, Iyengar yoga teacher. You have made our time in India life altering. Blessings and success with the homeopathy/yoga centre that is Prana…breathing life into a world in need of healing.

In my absence, I hope you enjoyed Rebecca Gower’s guest blog on zombies and flu the other week! My son is a Walking Dead Head and enjoyed Rebecca’s take on the flu. I sincerely hope that the flu has flown Calgary now. If you missed the blog post, check it out here.

After a 30-hour journey back to Calgary last week (between air travel and waiting in airports) and adapting to the 12-hour time change, I was grateful for my homeopathic remedies that eased the transition!

The best remedies for jet lag? Think Nux vomica (indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, different food/drink, pills to sleep, pills to wake up…you get the picture?) and/or Arnica (hard beds, sore, stiff, bruised feeling all over).

I have been posting some fun photos on Facebook, so have a peek. So much to share that is India!


Bison Milk


One of the highlights of our time at Prana was the seminar, held the last weekend of a 13-day intensive in clinic. The theme was mammals, and when homeopaths speak of mammals, it is more often about mammal’s milk. Linda Miller, Director of the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine presented the proving and trituration of Lac (which means milk) Bisonus (supervised by Dr. Roland Guenther from Victoria).

To be in India, home of the exotic animals like camels and elephants, watching video and hearing about one of our northern animals was remarkable. It was fascinating to hear about how Lac Bisonus is used to help heal those in need here in India. Anything is possible with homeopathic remedies! I will let you know when Linda has the proving published.

Yes…there are other milk provings. Camel’s milk and elephant’s milk just to name two animals found in India. There are many more, including dolphin’s milk from the sea, but for today, just an introduction. I’ll write more in another newsletter.

Words can’t express the incredible experience of my time in India, but I think this photo helps to convey the amazing adventure. Looking forward to the next trip!


Yours in health, healing, and camel riding!


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