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Measles Essentials Free eClass (a taste of Vaccine Free eCourse)

Life is going smoothly. Everyone is back into the routine of school post-Christmas and New Year’s. UNTIL you turn on the news or pick up a newspaper…the Disneyland Measles Outbreak! The news is all over the chat boards too. So much fear and concern.

Reports on TV news continue to polarize parents into one of two groups, pro and anti-vaccination. What happens to those who simply want a choice to vaccinate and reassurance of vaccine safety? (Be sure to read the Product Monograph for MMR)

Home Alone was my kids favorite movie in the 1990’s, about the same time that ‘good mom’s vaccinated’ their kids. And I did vaccinate my kids. The promise of vaccines was lifelong immunity.

Except that life-long immunity was not true then and not true now. My thirty-something year olds are now as susceptible to measles as when they were young.

What Happened?

How does science explain the failure of vaccines to confer lifelong immunity or herd immunity? Read this article by Dr. Suzanne Humphries, MD (Nephrology). And on the same website check out a children’s book (Melanie’s Marvelous Measles) review by Dr. Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD Immunology. The review is at the end of the article by Dr. Suzanne Humphries.

Back to the News…Life Gets Bumpy

With the backlash from family and friends getting more intense, you move from quiet confidence in your choice to be a vaccine free family into parental panic and guilt. As a vaccine-free parent you start to wonder…did I make the best decision for my kids? Would I know if my child actually had measles? How would I know? Can I still refuse the MMR vaccine? If I do, what are the consequences in an outbreak? Do I have to quarantine my child?


Doing the Cram-Google

Then the overwhelm takes over and you try to cram-Google everything you can about measles, vaccination risks and benefits in an attempt to gain some of that confidence you once had…before the measles outbreak, before the media blitz and before well meaning friends and family give you grief about your vaccine free choice.

Fear, panic and guilt can so quickly destroy your confidence. What is the remedy? Information! Information while you are calm, collected and in the company of like-minded parents. Information that helps you be even in the midst of this latest outbreak of measles (and the outbreaks will continue to happen in the vaccinated and vaccine free).

You can get access to free information in the Measles Essentials class, where you can sample the 12-week Vaccine Free: Now What? e-course, while learning some measles basics.

In the 12-week e-course you will get even more information on measles. So if you are considering taking the course but maybe want a taste of what is involved, sign up here.

We’ve made this sample class easy for you to access – just click here to login to the class and get the information you need. My hope is to give you a taste of the upcoming 12-week course Vaccine Free: Now What? and just as importantly, to share some basics about measles.

So if you are considering taking the 12-week course but first want a taste of what is involved, sign up for Measles Essentials here.

If you have friends or family that might benefit from accessing either the free class or signing up for the 12-week course, please feel free to forward the information to them with my thanks.

Here’s something we will cover in Measles Essentials

Benefits of Measles?

Yes…there are some benefits to having measles in childhood. Join us and find out how measles are important in chronic disease.

There’s so much to learn about measles…and all the other infectious illnesses too! The Vaccine Free-Now What? course is designed so that you can skip the cram-google!

Yours in health and healing,


P.S. One More Factoid…or 14 Factoids!

“But, there are facts regarding the history of measles that almost never reach the light of day. Here are 14 things you may not have been told by public health officials, your doctor, or the media.” See…there’s so much to learn and I can’t resist this recent article by Roman Bystrianyk.

Check out the link at re: Measles

A killed measles virus (KMV) vaccine came into use in the United States in 1963. What you may not have heard, is that by 1963, the death rate from measles in the United States had already dropped by approximately 98%. Read more here.

Read more from Dr. Viera Scheibner

If you like what you see so far, register now for Measles Essentials!!

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