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Let’s Talk! Tune in Next Monday…

“When we listen with less judgment, we always develop better relationships with each other. It’s not differences that divide us. It’s our judgments about each other that do. Curiosity and good listening bring us back together.”
~ Margaret Wheatley, Turning To One Another

This quote perfectly describes the ideal scenario for talking with our family, friends, and conventional medical doctors about the choice to be vaccine free. If only it were so easy…

When it comes to having these hard talks about the health and safety of our children, how can we have a conversation without fear, without blame, and without judgment?

Please join me as I discuss this complex—and often emotionally-charged—topic with Debby Bruck and her co-host, Dr. Deepak Sharma, on Homeopathy World Community’s Health Inn live stream video show. You can learn more about the show here, and be sure to tune in this coming Monday, December 2nd at 9am MST (8am PST, 11am EST) and join the conversation.

With the holiday season upon us, we all want our precious time with family to be filled with special memories — not stress and frustration. So let’s get this conversation started!

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