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Last Day to Register for Vaccine Free: Now What?

Thank you!

To all of you who have shared your time with extra posts announcing the ‘due date’ of the 12-week teleseminar, thank you! It’s kind of been like getting birth announcement cards several times before the actual due date, isn’t it? Your patience as we prepare for the final ‘push’ and birth of this teleseminar course is deeply appreciated.

My hope is that all these extra blog posts have given you some new information on infectious illnesses and how homeopathy can help. After today, we will return to the sanity of one newsletter a week.

For those who have already registered for Vaccine Free: Now What? – thank you! I am so excited about introducing you to using homeopathy for infectious childhood illnesses.

For those who are considering being a part of this course, you still have some time to register! You have until midnight tonight to get in under the wire.

The number of participants is smaller than many teleseminar courses, so you will have plenty of time to interact with each other, ask questions, and most importantly, if you are a parent, you will be able to talk about being vaccine free or almost vaccine free without fear of judgment, criticism, or ridicule.

If you are a practitioner of homeopathy or naturopathy, this information will help you in your practice: the information you’ll receive will be invaluable and save you a ridiculous amount of time doing the research involved. I want that for you because less time researching means more time being with your vaccine free and almost vaccine free clients. Let’s get the word out there about homeopathy for infectious illness and make this course the best and biggest birth announcement ever!

There is room for you if you want a spot. We would love to have you as part of the group.

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