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Just the Remedies -Your Homeopathic Remedy Kit and How to Use It

Announcing a new online course that I have put together after many requests from family, friends and participants in some of my other e-courses called “Just the Remedies”. This is an online e-course for beginners and for those who have been using homeopathy for some time but would really like to get to know the homeopathic remedies even better.

The best part? It is guaranteed to be affordable and accessible to everyone who has the desire to learn homeopathic remedies. You can skip this part if you like and zip down to the pricing. I think you will be pleased. Getting you the information to have a safe non-toxic option for supporting health and healing in an affordable way is important to me.

JUST THE REMEDIES – What Is It All About?

Maybe you have your home kit already…lots of remedies in lots of different containers. Or maybe you have a fancy kit from Helios or Boiron. But…you have no idea what remedy is used in what instance! Or you have taken the Vaccine Free: Now What? 12-week course and you are ready to get to know your remedies in a deeper way. Or maybe you have taken some of the individual/free classes that I have offered over the last few years…bits and pieces here and there.

Well maybe it’s time to get to the basics and pull all your homeopathic learning together and study…just the remedies.

Each week for 40 weeks, we will cover in depth a single remedy. You will learn the Latin name of the remedy, the common name for the remedy, common or conventional use, where the remedy comes from, the characteristic symptom picture of the remedy with key notes, situations where you might use the remedy and when possible, some examples of cases where the remedy has been used successfully.

Remember those recipe cards that you used to get from the grocery store? Collect them all and you have your own little recipe book? (I’m dating myself with that little piece of information) By the end of the course, you will have your collection of remedies in a ‘pretty’ printable PDF format or you can keep them all in a digital format on your laptop or desktop.

There will be lots of ways to learn; if you are an audio or video type person there will be recordings; visual folks can check out the slide presentation or if you are an interactive type person, every week you will have me in person (virtually by audio/video) to answer your questions for 15 minutes at the end of the lesson. For the readers in the group, there will be a transcript and lots of reference material to download as well.

To facilitate the learning styles, Tuesdays will be a teleseminar (audio) and Thursdays will be webinar (video)…same remedy per week just a different format. You can choose which day/time/presentation format suits you best or you can come on both days if you like.

Introducing the new Pay What You Can Afford Model!

Dear Reader!

I have been doing this a long time. I have seen the positive and sometimes life changing impacts of homeopathy in the home and I am of the firm belief that this mission is not only important, but crucial; families must have a choice to access these alternative healing modalities. My earthly purpose is to empower families around the world and I want to create a supportive community that is knowledgeable and confident to ignore much of the fear mongering that is used in the media. I work with people from all walks of life and my goal is to truly make this work accessible to all. To this end; I produce all types of media to suit different learning styles.

And here is the big news! I am nervously and with excitement launching a Pay What You Can Afford Model. It feels right. I understand that a lot of families who are dealing with health issues may have financial problems as a result.

I have chosen this pay what you can afford model so that everyone can join, regardless of your financial status. Please pay the suggested amount, or pay over time. But if you need to pay less or simply can’t afford to pay, please contact me for a gift coupon, there is no shame; everyone deserves good health.

Likewise if you can afford to sponsor someone else, whether you know them or not, please make a donation separately here on Paypal and a scholarship will go to a family in need with deep appreciation.

To be honest I don’t know how this payment option will work out but I am choosing to believe that my earthly needs will be provided as I step forward with my work by making it accessible and affordable to all.


Click the link to find out just how affordable this course is…there is something for everyone whatever your current financial situation. Or if you know that you want to sign up right now, here you go.

Homeopathy CourseHomeopathy Course






Pay what you can affordPay it forward






AND…for those who register for the course, there is an incredible offer from Renewal Homeopathy and Wellness of a 20 or 40-remedy kit from Boiron (all 4g granule tubes) for 89.99 CDN or 179.99 CDN (value 230.00 CDN). Plus, Robert and Judyth Reichenburg-Ullman’s book Homeopathic Self-Care: The Quick & Easy Guide for the Whole Family for 26.99 CDN. Ordering details will be sent to you after registering.

I would love your help too. Will you help spread the word about this course? You can download a gorgeous PDF flyer Just the Remedies to send to family or friends personally or you can post on social media. Your help in getting a homeopathic remedy kit in every home and helping folks learn how to use those remedies in acute illnesses is deeply appreciated!

Yours in health and healing…for everyone!


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