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Infinite Energy and Opening the Heart

“Remember, if you love life, nothing is worth closing over. Nothing, ever, is worth closing your heart over.” ~Michael Singer

Sunrise on Sundial Island

Short and sweet it is today as I am in Winnipeg to visit with family for a couple of weeks. In my absence, colleague and friend, Linda Miller will be your guest blogger. Thank you Linda! Always makes your holiday easier and more relaxing when you know you can leave and all will be well.

untethered soulAnd I will leave you with some quotes that are resonating deeply with me as I continue to make my way through Michael Singer’s book The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself. What comes to your mind when you read them? Please share in the comments section at the end!

If you missed the newsletter about the inner voices two weeks ago, you can read it here.

Chapter 5 ‘Infinite Energy’

“Consciousness is one of the great mysteries in life. Inner energy is another. …we study the energy outside, and give great value to energy resources, but we ignore the energy within.…every movement of your body, every emotion you have, and every thought that passes through your mind is an expenditure of energy. Just as everything that happens outside in the physical world requires energy, everything that happens inside requires an expenditure of energy.”

“You also assert energy to deal with your emotions. If you have an emotion you don’t like and it’s interfering with what you’re doing, you just push it aside. You do this almost instinctively so that the unwanted emotion doesn’t come up and disturb you. Every one of these acts is an expenditure of energy.”

Where does this energy come from? Something to ponder.

Chapter 6 ‘The Secrets of the Spiritual Heart’

From voices in the head Singer leads us to a discussion of energy and to the heart…

“You have a wellspring of beautiful energy inside of you. When you are open you feel it; when you are closed you don’t. This flow of energy comes from the depth of your being. It’s been called by many names. In ancient Chinese medicine, it is called Chi. In yoga, it is called Shakti. In the West, it is called Spirit. Call it anything you want. (In Homeopathy we call it the Vital Force) All the great spiritual traditions talk about your spiritual energy; they just give it different names. That spiritual energy is what you’re experiencing when love rushes up into your heart. That is what you’re experiencing when you’re enthused by something and all this high energy comes up inside of you.”

“You should know about this energy because it’s yours. It’s your birthright, and it’s unlimited. You can call upon it any time you want. It has nothing to do with age….Energy doesn’t get old, it doesn’t get tired, and it doesn’t need food. What it needs is openness and receptivity…

The only difference is that with the inner energy, you have the ability to close up inside and lock it. When you close, the energy stops flowing. When you open, all the energy rushes up inside of your. True spiritual teachings are about this energy and how to open to it.”

“You practice opening by not closing. Any time you start to close, ask yourself whether you really want to cut off the energy flow. Because if you want, you can learn to stay open no matter what happens in this world. You just make a commitment to explore your capacity for receiving unlimited energy. You simply decide not to close. At first it feels unnatural since your tendency is to close as a means of protection. But closing your heart does not really protect you from anything: it just cuts you off from your source of energy. In the end, it only serves to lock you inside.”

“How you learn to stay open is up to you. The ultimate trick is to not close. If you don’t close, you will have learned to stay open. Do not let anything that happens in life be important enough that you’re willing to close your heart over it. When your heart starts to close, just say, “No. I’m not going to close. I’m going to relax. I’m going to let this situation take place and be there with it? Honor and respect the situation, and deal with it. By all means deal with it. Do the best you can. But deal with it with openness. Deal with it with excitement and enthusiasm. No matter what it is, just let it be the sport of the day. In time you will find that you forget how to close. No matter what anyone does, no matter what situation takes place, you won’t even feel the tendency to close. You will just embrace life with all your heart and soul. Once you’ve attained this very high state, your energy level will be phenomenal. You will have all the energy you need at all times. Just relax and open, and tremendous energy will rush up inside of you. You are only limited by your ability to stay open.”

Let me know what you are thinking, feeling, opening to and blocking by commenting here!

Yours in health and healing,

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