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“Do you believe in homeopathy?”: I Do – In Sickness and In Health

“There are few things more frightening to a man than giving away his heart. And there are few things more comforting to a man than to know the woman he gave his heart to, will protect it with her life.”

~Fawn Weaver

Every once in awhile, someone writes their testimony of how homeopathy helped them. Mostly it is a patient or an acquaintance or a long-lost cousin who just remembered this is what you do and then tells you of their success…usually with Arnica for an injury, Chamomilla for a teething baby, Belladonna for a fever or headache.

Most often, however, you hear very little from your loved ones, the ones nearest and dearest to you…your spouse and children. Then one day, out of the blue, spouse says to you, ‘I want you to write something for your newsletter.’

Thoughtful pause while a million things run through my head: He’s a carpenter. He calls me a witch doctor…in front of everyone, including the medical doctors. He only knows one remedy, Belladonna, and advises everyone, when complaining of any ailment, ‘Take Belladonna.’ He introduces me as his first wife. (I am his first and only wife.) In the presence of church clients, he also introduces me as his girlfriend.’ (Use your own imagination about what happens to conversation at that point.)

What a marvel the number of thoughts that can race through your head while you try to wrap your head around the idea that spouse, my spouse, would like to say something to readers in the newsletter! Ahem…OK. Dictate away!

The Year 1988

30th Anniversary_0002“Fell and broke both heels on site. Two or three months later, I woke up thinking I was having a heart attack. Donna rushed me to the hospital. Doctors laughed at me and said I had heartburn. They gave me a snow ball (combination of heartburn medicine and pain reliever). From then on, I ate Rolaids and Tums daily. Years later Donna got involved with homeopathy and she told me my heartburn was because I was out of balance. My normal physicians told me to learn to live with Rolaids the rest of my life. Donna gave me some stuff, could have been Belladonna but that is the only remedy I know. Months later, she asked, “How is your heart burn?” It had gone away. 14 years and I have had no heart burn. I eat spicy foods. No Tums or Rolaids in 26 years. I’m cured. The doctors say that is not possible. We went to India and I ate Indian food and I had no heart burn.

I’ve always had sinus blockage my whole life. Again Donna gave me something, maybe Belladonna, and it’s been cleared for 4 months now…amazingly. So when people ask if I believe in homeopathy, I say yes, I’ve been cured. I have to thank my wife looking after me with homeopathy so that I am alive and healthy.”

~ redneck carpenter Ron Powers

Treating Your Own Family

When studying homeopathy formally, you are most often advised to not treat family members. You are told that objectivity goes out the window. But when you are first starting out with homeopathy, the opposite is more true. You are objective — you know your ‘patients’ (husband, children) very well, and with a limited amount of remedies and a handy first book on homeopathy (Cummings and Ullman’s Everybody’s Guide to Homeopathic Medicine…yes…written years ago but homeopathy is always relevant…its theories never change nor do the remedies), you can help support healing in amazing ways. There were so many successes using homeopathy at home in those early years, I was motivated to study formally.

You love your family and you would do anything to help them when they are suffering or in pain. That is how it was for me. Plus, in 1988, I was looking for every opportunity to ‘practice’ my newfound medicine. I was a zealot! And my family, a research lab. Very early on I realized that the idea of homeopathy was the smallest amount needed to help the person self-heal, that the medicines were non-toxic and the remedies could be purchased over the counter.

Asking a Homeopath

There are times when you do need the services of a well-trained homeopathic practitioner. Chronic disease/illness, recurring illnesses, trauma are some examples. Some folks seek out a homeopath after they have tried many prescription drugs and antibiotics without improvement or with a worsening of their condition. Some see a homeopath before starting prescription drugs, hoping that homeopathy will relieve their complaints without heading down the road of chronic illness and prescription drugs for the rest of their lives.

You also need the support of your conventional medical doctor. There are times when medical intervention is your best option. And it’s important to have discernment about what you can do at home, when you need help from your homeopath, when to see your family doctor, and when you need to be heading to the hospital emergency department. A good homeopath can help you with that discernment and will respect your decisions. Bottom line? Be informed and work collaboratively with your health team, including your chiropractor, acupuncturist, medical doctor, pediatrician, homeopath, naturopath, nutritionist, osteopath, massage therapist, cranial sacral therapist…, so you can know what works for you and your family.

Many homeopaths also offer classes to support you in your at-home homeopathy opportunities. Infectious childhood illnesses (watch for the fall 2014 Vaccine Free: Now What? online teleseminar coming soon), accidents and injuries, bumps and bruises, teething, upset tummies, and diarrhea can be a way to learn your remedies and learn how to help support your child’s healing. Your husband’s or partner’s healing too!

This is true because acute illnesses or accident/injury situations have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Illnesses that begin with a fever usually move to the next stage of healing with symptoms of some kind of discharge like runny nose, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, coughing, joint/muscle aches or pains…the body removing toxins. Then the discharges finish and sleep/recovery happens. Most times, when a person/child has a strong immune system response, recovery is complete. Homeopathy can help support the immune system to self-heal at every stage.

Some of you will prefer to have a homeopath on board for all your family needs, acute or chronic illness. Some of you will want to learn how to use remedies in acute illness. And some of you will move on to more courses and possibly training as a homeopath.

Check out the website for additional resources. The world needs more homeopaths!

Yours in health and healing,


p.s. Ron was given Nux vomica for his indigestion…not Belladonna! Use the search function on Powers of Homeopathy for more information on Nux vomica.

And the chronic sinus blockage? I gave him homeopathic Diphtherinum. Check out the Vaccine Free: Now What? course and you will learn all about the disease Diphtheria and the use of the homeopathic nosode!

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