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Immunology (i.e. vaccination) or Natural Immunity – Same or Different?

Until I read Dr. Tetyana’s book Vaccine Illusion: How Vaccination Compromises Our Natural Immunity and What We Can Do To Regain Our Health, I had NO idea that an immunologist had little or no training on the natural immune system.

As Dr. Tetyana says in her book:

The biological term immunity refers to a universally observed phenomenon of becoming unsusceptible to a number of infectious diseases through prior experience. Because of the phonetic similarity between the words immunology and immunity, it is tempting to assume that immunology is a science that studies the state of immunity, but this is not the case.

Immunology is a science that studies an artificial process of immunization -i.e., the immune system’s response to injected foreign matter. Immunology does not attempt to study and therefore cannot provide understanding of natural diseases and immunity that follows them.”

This was an eye-opener for me. And what is Dr. Tetyana’s conclusion about artificial immunization (vaccination)?

“…after years of doing research in immunology, observing scientific activities of my superiors, and analyzing vaccine issues, I realized that vaccination is one of the most deceptive inventions the science could ever convince the world to accept.”

On September 17, 2016, Calgary has the extraordinary opportunity to hear Dr. Tetyana teach Dr.-Tetyana-workshop.

Organizers, Morgan Trommel and Adam Heckbert of Bring Dr. Tetyana to Calgary, have worked diligently to bring you Dr. Tetyana’s dense science research series of lectures that will give you the information you need to feel confident about your vaccine free choice.  Have a look at the event poster for more information about the lecture topics and event details including how to purchase tickets.

For a taste of what is to come, here is Dr. Tetyana writing about why she teaches about the Natural Immune System.

Why I Teach About the Immune System by Tetyana Obukhanych, PhD

When approaching the topic of vaccination, we come against a wall of beliefs diligently erected by biomedical authorities.  Most people, including biomedical professionals themselves, accept these beliefs as a matter of fact.

We have all been informed about overwhelming benefits compared to negligible side effects of the childhood vaccination schedule.  However, we have not been informed that systematic and scientifically rigorous studies are lacking to demonstrate this assumption for a fact in relation to long-term outcomes of overall health.

We have all been told many times over that vaccines, adversely affecting only a rare individual, have saved countless lives.  However, we have not been told that immuno-protection conferred by breast milk is capable of saving countless infants’ lives without sacrificing any other.

We have been conditioned to think that parents, who refuse to vaccinate their children strictly by the recommended schedule or at all, somehow endanger the entire society.  But it is time to find out that subjecting all children to the recommended vaccination schedule cannot avert the implied danger of the comeback of nearly eliminated childhood diseases.

I hold a PhD in Immunology, the field of science that invented vaccination.  I joined this field for my research dissertation while being a faithful believer in vaccination.  I felt very adamantly that the established immunologic theory provides a strong scientific foundation and a rational justification for the practice of mass vaccination.  Based on such textbook-instilled view, I saw no reason to question or scrutinize the proclaimed virtues of vaccination programs.  Until one day… when I had to come to terms with an eye-opening personal realization that the immunologic theory of lifelong vaccine immunity does not pan out in real life, that my professional stance on vaccination had been constructed on falsehood.

As if to make me “see” the truth for myself, Mother Nature has put me through an experience of contracting measles and whooping cough despite being fully vaccinated for these childhood diseases.  Neither immunologic theory nor my extensive training in immunologic laboratory research has prepared me to understand why this happened to me, a person with no apparent defects in antibody production or any immuno-deficiencies.  But I was not content to leave my experience unexplained.

To my dismay, I found that medical and epidemiological literature is replete with numerous well-documented cases of disease occurrence in properly vaccinated individuals, but they may be brushed off as vaccine failures of marginal importance rather than studied further to understand realistic properties of vaccine protection.

To my dismay, I found that protective titers wane after vaccination and this is why vaccine protection is not lifelong, as my professional education in immunology led me to believe.

To my dismay, I found that after taking all the risks associated with vaccines, however big or small they are perceived to be, I should be fully prepared to handle diseases as well.

But while studying immunology professionally, I was making no efforts to learn about natural immune defense mechanisms, which enable us to handle infections without succumbing to disease complications.  I had to amass this valuable knowledge on my own, after I already had my PhD, because biomedical authorities do not find it necessary to provide such information in academic curriculums for professionals.

I found much of the wisdom on natural health be validated in modern research publications.  Natural health-oriented families have embraced health-strengthening practices, such as breastfeeding, high quality of nutrition, restricting the use of pharmaceutical drugs and pesticide-laden or processed foods, perhaps without realizing that the benefits of their choices to the immune system are fully supported by scientific studies.

Mainstream views portray vaccine technology as Man’s triumph over Mother Nature’s inherently faulty designs.  But natural evolution does not produce faulty mechanisms, as those would have been selected against over the millennia.  Mother Nature does not fail us, when we meet the requirements that suit her mechanisms.  I am wary of insufficient emphasis given by biomedical authorities to meeting the requirements of natural immune defenses from infancy on.

Breastfeeding is the method of immunologic protection tailored precisely to baby’s needs. Modern science has discovered how numerous bioactive components of breast milk confer immunologic protection.  Just like baby’s formula is no match for breast milk nutritionally, vaccines are no match for breast milk immunologically.

The quality of nutrition continues to be a crucial determinant of the functionality of natural immune defenses in older children and adults (especially nursing mothers), while a common medical practice of fever suppression works against natural immune mechanisms of protection when they are most sorely needed.  Modern science has revealed how some specific nutrients, scarce in the Standard American Diet to start with and further depleted by some medications, are required for natural immune defenses to function properly.

Studies done in the last decade are starting to delineate immunologic mechanisms that help understand why exposure to some vaccine ingredients is incompatible with optimal health.  Much of the published science unfavorable to recommended vaccination practices is hidden in plain sight and is not disseminated by biomedical authorities.  I find it important to fill this gap and discuss scientific findings that validate health without vaccines with new and expectant parents, health care professionals, and health advocates.

Tetyana ObukhanychTetyana Obukhanych earned her Ph.D. in Immunology at the Rockefeller University, New York, NY.  She was subsequently involved in laboratory research as a postdoctoral research fellow within leading biomedical institutions, such as Harvard Medical School and Stanford University School of Medicine, before fully devoting herself to parenting and homeschooling.

Thank you Dr. Tetyana!

Want more? Check out Homeopathy First Magazine’s article by Dr. Tetyana called ‘Why Are We Losing Maternal Immunity’.

Once on that page, click the word ‘here’, located beside Issue 1.  You will be taken to a page where you have the option of downloading the magazine app for Apple devices or for Android devices. The first issue on the App is ‘Unlocked’ which means you can read it for free.

Want even more? Here is a link to Dr. Tetyana’s book Vaccine Illusion.

This book is intended to give parents essential immunologic background for making vaccination decisions for their children. Making vaccination decisions is an important personal responsibility that should not be left to any medical or scientific authority. Parents should educate themselves about vaccines and diseases to the extent that they feel absolutely confident and well prepared for taking full responsibility for the consequences of their decisions.”

Yours in health and healing,



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