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The vaccine-free family…

Being vaccine-free means:

  • You understand the importance of having an alternative/complementary system of medicine in place. You understand the importance of knowing what the infectious childhood diseases are and their possible complications.
  • You understand that over the counter medications and prescription medicines can be life saving in emergency situations but that they can also contribute to weakening the immune system with serious side effects in long term use
  • You understand that you are exercising your freedom to choose and that you accept full responsibility for your own and your children’s health and well-being. You know and work co-operatively with the medical system and your complementary health providers in an honest and open dialogue about what is best for your family’s health needs.
  • You continually educate yourself about health, illness, nutrition, exercise, stress, and sleep.
  • You have a support group in place while raising your children: family, friends, parent groups, playgroups, teachers, doctors, and practitioners.
  • You understand and respect everyone’s right to choose what is best for him or her when it comes to his or her family’s health.
  • You know that you can agree to disagree respectfully when values and opinions differ from your own.
  • You understand the risks and fears of others who choose differently re: being vaccine free.

This website will help you find all the resources and information you need to keep your family healthy and well, in any sickness.

“Being vaccine free means claiming your own power as a parent. One of the greatest gifts we have is to choose for ourselves and not be trapped by what others think. Being vaccine-free means listening to all sides of an issue and making a decision by following both your head and your heart. It means taking responsibility for your health by learning about homeopathy to treat childhood disease and also by being conscious of excellent nutrition and health building practices to contribute to strong and resilient children. Be confident in your choice, whatever it is and do not feel the need to explain or apologize to anyone.”

~Kathleen, Alberta

“Vaccine free means to me that we get to trust in our bodies and in nature. It means we get to take full responsibility for our health.  Learning about homeopathy for treatment of the illnesses is integral and reassuring.”

~Lindsey Calgary, AB

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