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Holiday Weekend Sickies

You’ve planned for the big family weekend dinner. Guests and relatives invited, large quantities of food bought and prepared, the house almost clean except for those last-minute crooks, crannies and the crapper, of course. (I could not resist the alliteration…) Real life, you gotta love it!

(Thoughts of toilet cleaning remind me of a children’s book that was published in the mid-80’s called Everyone Poops. Popular subject…it’s still in print!)

All ready the night before the big event…and you are wakened by a crying child. Fever. Yep. Full on, hotter than heck. You have a sick kid on your hands. What to do?

For some, we carry on. For others of us, we cancel. But for both options (and there are many others, of course…creative problem solving 101), dig out your homeopathy-at-home handouts, homeopathy books, or contact your homeopath and see what you can find to help support healing.

These scenarios happen all the time. Trust me. I’ve been there with my own kids when they were little and it happens from time to time with Gracie. Big event preceded or followed by sickness. My boys often waited until after a big family event, but with kids any time is the right time to be sick. That lesson took me awhile to learn. But like poop, fever is a normal part of life – inconvenient sometimes but necessary.

Here is your handout for this week. You will find tips on how to figure out your child’s unique fever symptoms along with two remedies that will be helpful should you be on your own – “just in case” your homeopath is busy preparing her own holiday celebration. 😉

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