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Help!!! When you Can’t Get From There to Here?

Guest blogger, Linda Miller, is joining us once again this week. Linda Miller, Donna’s trusted colleague and friend, is sharing her wealth of wisdom of homeopathy and her stories of the many transitions she has faced and witnessed in recent years. 

Linda is a Classical Homeopath with a busy practice of clients and students in Calgary, Alberta. Linda is a bold spokesperson regarding the right of the individual to choose healthcare for their families and supports many parents of vaccine-free and vaccine-damaged children. In addition, she has vigorous interest in higher education in homeopathy in Calgary spawned the founding of the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine of which Linda Miller is the founding Director. Learn more about Linda Miller here.

bridgeI was reminded today of how challenging transition can be, when it seems that life has stopped at an impasse, and there’s no way to get where you want to go from where you are. Then the refreshment of a real breakthrough after which things are forever changed, the problem so gone it was never there. If we accept the new reality and don’t look back, our life takes a new, better course.

I have lived through a few transitions myself over the last five years, including getting a divorce, moving three times, founding a college, graduating my first class, finding a life partner, adopting puppies, launching Mozi-Q and Mederi and leaving Xerion in Calgary after 13 years…it has been a whirlwind of victory and disappointment.

For mothers, interesting the parallel in childbirth, those moments in “transition” when we are sure we cannot do this, decide to pack up and go home…and, it’s right before it’s time to push the baby out!

I have found great inspiration and hope in my clients’ breakthroughs that allowed them to leave past hurts behind, get over the impasses and move into new ways of being. Homeopathy has a quiet, graceful way of creating an opening in a old pattern, allowing us to make a choice rather than continue with useless thoughts, behavior and reactions.

As I write, in one of my favorite coffee shops, a woman with a limp has bought coffee for a stranger. The debit machine had been stuck, not working. He thought it was his card. The machine was fixed and the woman took the opportunity to be kind. As she walked out the back door, I thought, “this will cause her health to improve. She has done something to change the pattern that causes her to walk with a limp.” At the very least, she has given a little hope to that man, who perhaps had some doubt about whether he had enough money in his account to cover his coffee. And, she has inspired me to affirm healing for her, and to tell you about it in this article! What an effect! And she did not even know that I observed her act of kindness!

Homeopathy is like that. I cannot count how many times clients have come for follow-ups and said, “nothing has changed.” Then over the course of the next 30 minutes we discover that her year-long battle with headaches has ceased, she’s lost 15 pounds, her relationship with her daughter is transformed and she got a promotion! At the end of the appointment she says something like, “I feel more like myself than I have in the past 16 years. I got me back.” And it seemed like nothing was happening while everything changed.

The founder of homeopathy defined health as the freedom to pursue ones highest calling. That’s what we aspire to, are called to, dare to ask for, as homeopaths for ourselves, our students and our clients.

As for my transitions, just as taking a homeopathic remedy changes things, so does studying and practicing as a homeopath and then multiply that by ten when you teach it! My Maker has used this wonderful healing art to bring out the best in me, to guide me through a series of impasses in the depths of my being, to be free of that which stops me from being all I can be in this life. The journey is fresh again. I am in a loving relationship with a wonderful man. My ninth year in practice is thriving in a new clinic and the college in its fifth year continues to evolve. Homeopathy does not let us stand still or remain stymied at what seems to be an insurmountable impasse.

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