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Gettin’ all Nit Picky: Head Lice and Homeopathy

Planning for summer camps is just around the corner and where there are kids, hats and lots of shared time together, you can have outbreaks of head lice. Icky but true!














Need your head checked for lice? Click here to see baboons show us how!

House calls – click here to see monkeys pick nits from kids’ heads!

On a more serious note… here is a great article with links to science research on the use of permethrin and links to cancer. Plus…it’s an ineffective treatment for lice as 99.6% of lice are resistant to the chemical treatment.

Back to a lighter note with nit picking, check out the nice Lice Lady. Lots of terrific information on this site plus an opportunity to own your own Lice Squad franchise!

Homeopathy Helps

There are a number of remedies that homeopaths can use to treat head lice in adults or children, whether a one time situation or chronic infestations. Rather than a one remedy fits all, homeopaths can individualize, which means that homeopathy can offer a safe, non-toxic alternative to the poisonous over the counter treatments by taking into account who the person is with head lice.

One person might be full of despair with the itching, very chilly (Psorinum) and yet another person might be fearful that they have a terrible disease and feel better in the open air (Sabadilla).

Staphysagria can be thought of as well, especially if your child/adult seems offended or insulted by the idea of having head lice.

Pediculus is the homeopathic remedy made from head lice. Symptoms include (your child/adult does not need to have all these symptoms but all the symptoms of the person must be in the remedy): Laughing, sadness/melancholy/anger without cause and the mood can change suddenly. Skin symptoms of itching, prickling, irritability (physically and mentally) and possibly falling out of hair.

With a case of head lice, it is best to consult with a homeopath for the remedy that best fits the child and/or adult.

In the meantime, click here for a free handout I created from online resources.

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