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Fashion for Food: Guest Blogger Gracie Powers

“In ordinary life we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more than we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.”
gracie_powers_bracelets~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Every once in awhile I feature a guest blogger who is doing some amazing work in the world and today’s feature writer is my granddaughter, Grace. At five years of age, Gracie is making and selling bracelets and each bracelet sold is one meal for a homeless person.

Take a look on the home page of my website and you will see that the weekly blog/newsletter is named ‘Grace Notes.’ There is a little story behind the name and here is what I wrote two years ago as I was preparing to launch the new website:

“For me, gratitude and grace go hand in hand. My gift of gratitude is grace, “Divine love and protection bestowed freely on people.” That’s the dictionary definition and it is a truth in my life.

So this blog has been named Grace Notes. It is a place to continually give thanks for all that I have learned and a place where I can share that learning.

Also, my granddaughter’s name is Grace. She is a gift and I am so grateful for her in my life. All that I have to offer with the new website, blog, e-courses, and e-books is simply a grandmother’s desire to pass on what I learned while raising children, “in sickness and in health”! Through my mother I am able to access great-grandmother wisdom, as well. My legacy from her is a wealth of common sense when helping children heal from childhood illnesses.”

I have received a great deal more than I have given with my adult kids and my granddaughter, Gracie. For that I am deeply grateful. And it makes me a wealthy woman indeed.

Gracie the Five-Year-Old Video Blogger

As Gracie pointed out to me last week when she was asked to write a thank you card, “Gramma, I can’t write.” I reminded her that her teacher had said, “If you can’t write, then draw a picture.” And you can also make a video these days to take your message to the world!

So here is our guest blog from Grace Powers, age 5, who is feeding the homeless one bracelet at a time, one meal at a time. Check out her Facebook page to find out how you can place your order.

I love watching her little hands make a difference in the world. As a toddler, we would listen to Jack Johnson’s song from Curious George, “With My Own Two Hands.” Makes me weep now when I listen to the song once again. If a five-year-old can make this kind of difference, anyone can.

Let’s change the world…with our two hands. Together. Enjoy the vlog!

Yours in health, healing and my two hands,


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