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Dirt, Seeds, Bacteria, Birth and Homeopathy

A BIG thanks to Katie Kiemeny for last week’s guest post on homeopathy and birth!

Spring Greetings And Easter Blessings (A Little Late – Just Like The Season In Calgary!)

easterbasketWhether you celebrate the arrival of spring with the Christian calendar or your beliefs lean more toward the early religions, there seems to be a common theme of birth, life, new growth, resurrection, eggs, fertility, and abundance this time of the year. You might also embrace the secular traditions of chocolate, bunnies, and baskets of goodies…and did I mention chocolate?

Beyond Bunnies And Chocolate: Micro Worlds

Two previous newsletters have been about the microcosm of soil and the human microbiome. Turns out both ‘worlds’ are well populated with bacteria/viruses and are essential to healthy life on earth! And the micro world and the macro world are both filled with energy…an energy that organizes and evolves everything, including the ‘good, the bad and the ugly’…complex yet with an elegance and simplicity all its own. When we choose to listen and be conscious, we can ‘hear’ the exquisite communication that goes on continuously between the micro world and the macro world.

How do we hear or listen to what occurs invisibly and energetically? Homeopathy has an explanation that makes sense: When we are healthy and well, everything works harmoniously in our physical being. We are free of symptoms and we are free in ourselves to do and be in the world ‘for the highest purpose of our existence.’
We get on with life without being aware that our energy-filled invisible vital force is organizing.

Only when we are sick do we know there is something out of balance in this extraordinary order. We know because we have symptoms. The most the energetic vital force can do is to create symptoms to maintain harmony at the deepest level of our physical being. A symptom ‘speaks’ of an imbalance at an invisible level.

A cold or cough? The diarrhea and vomiting of a Norwalk virus? Our organizing vital force discharges what is not needed in our physical bodies as a way to restore order.

The vital force keeps all in balance, especially when an imbalance of toxins or poisons has challenged our delicate microbiome systems.

What is true for the human micro systems is also true for the soil systems on this planet and true for the planet herself.

As surely as humans are a living organism, so too the soil and our planet are living entities. All organized to work harmoniously…and we can know when we and the soil and the planet are sick by the symptoms being produced.

The Human

When there are symptoms in the physical body, we know that healing must happen…or we die. And healing must begin at the level of energy first…support given to the organizing principle or vital force so that the need for symptoms lessens.

Homeopathy addresses this in the human form…energetic medicines for healing support of the vital force or energy. In the healthy human body, bacteria and virus live harmoniously together with human cells, eating at muddythe same table (commensals). Remember, we are more bacteria than human! When health is restored, it is first at the level of energy, at the level of the vital force. We are actually created to self-heal. So homeopathy or homeopathic medicines are supporting the body’s vital force to heal itself.

The Soil

Healing of the soil happens through nourishing and replacing nutrients rather than depleting the mutually beneficial bacteria and virus in the dirt.

As to the healing of a planet? I remain hopeful, but how do we, as conscious human beings, support the life affirming, organizing, invisible energetic force and move toward healing? How do we heal a planet?

In This Together

We need each other, from bacteria and virus to soil to planet to universe. All is connected at a very basic level by organizing, invisible energy. And what is this energy? A simple thought? Love?

To maintain health in our bodies and health in our world, we need the bacteria that heal, that feed and that generate energy. When the soil our food is grown in and the bodies we are born with are poisoned with toxins, we ail…the earth and all of humanity.


Environmental toxins that my parents and grandparents could never have foreseen today impact our world and our children. Dr. Joe Mercola has a recent article on this very topic.

Homeopathy can certainly help support babies, children and adults heal, and recently the art and science of homeopathy is being used to help heal and support soil and plants.

Check out these links for some amazing work being done by Vaikunthanath Das Kaviraj:

The challenge? How can homeopathy help heal a planet? Join me on Facebook and tell me how you see the possibility.

Yours in health and healing,


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