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Chicken Pox and Shingles: How to Prevent and Support Healing in an Outbreak

Chicken Pox, Shingles and A Return to Routine

How is your summer going? Have you had some time for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation? I hope so. Summers can be short in our northern regions so every warm, light-filled day is a day for joyful celebration.

I am slowly making my way back to writing a regular weekly newsletter. The learning curve is onerous! At one time I had help with all the background technical bits that go into creating a newsletter. Now it is me, myself and a new coach who is helping me negotiate the nitty gritty details of programs, platforms and posts! My new coach is Serena Star Leonard…big shout out to her…and she is a fabulous teacher as well as being an excellent coach!

So bear with me while I make re-entry into a somewhat regular routine. Lots of exciting changes on the horizon and I will keep you posted. One of the biggest changes will be some major renovations to the Powers of Homeopathy website (and Serena does that too!). There will be more news with the online education courses (hint-some new courses).

Chicken Pox, Shingles and How to Use Homeopathy in an Outbreak

Forrest Maready has created a new short video on chicken pox. It’s short, sweet and quite funny. In North America there is panic and a 3 week quarantine if there are outbreaks of chicken pox…even if there are 2 cases of it in a school.

Did you know? Since the introduction of the chicken pox vaccine, there has been an increase in the number of children getting shingles? Did you also know? Natural chicken pox circulating in the children’s population provides shingles ‘boosters’ to the aging population? Here is an article from the BMJ Journals

Be Prepared with Confidence

To support you and your family, you can access the online/evergreen (you can study anytime, anywhere at your own pace) single course Chicken Pox & Shingles at 50% off for a limited time. Kids will be heading back to school soon and there will be outbreaks of chicken pox…in the vaccinated and the vaccine free.

If you sign up before August 11, 2017 use this coupon code to receive the 50% off. If you are already a participant or an alumni  the 12-week Vaccine Free: Now What? course you can share this discount coupon with your friends or family.

Chicken pox is one of the infectious illnesses most folks are comfortable with their kids having but shingles is a whole other set of very uncomfortable symptoms. Homeopathy can ease the pain of shingles and the itch of chicken pox and everyone gains life long immunity.

The regular price for the course is 59.95  but until August 11, 2017 it will be 29.98. Here is your coupon code You have until August 11, 2017 to register!

Yours in health and healing,


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