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Bollywood, Here We Come!

By the time today’s newsletter reaches you, we (me, my hubbie, Ron, the director of the Western College of Homeopathic Medicine, Linda Miller, and the students of WCHM) are well on our way to Pune, India!

India is an enormous country, so if you are wondering where we will be, here is a map with important information…including the weather! We are about a 3-4 hour drive east from Mumbai (formerly known as Bombay), which is on the west coast of India.

It seems there is a wet season and a dry season, and we will be visiting during the dry season. The weather will be quite similar to our Calgary summers. Nice.

While hubbie is playing, some of us will be working! And doing yoga at the world’s first Homeopathy Yoga Centre.

Dr. Sunil Anand is the director of the homeopathic clinic and he has been a teacher/mentor to many practitioners and students here in Canada and the USA.

The story behind the Prana Centre is a remarkable one, so you might want to have a look at their video. You will be amazed at the healing potential of homeopathy in the hands of a master homeopath.

“PRANA is the fundamental energy that flows continuously connecting and communicating with every single cell in our body thus keeping us alive and healthy.

Various factors in our lifestyle or the environment can cause the energy circuits in our body to become compromised or weakened, leading to disease.

The team at PRANA, with the help of Homoeopathy and Yoga principles and techniques, helps patients re-establish the energy circuits and progress towards true healing.”
~ Prana

Residing in Pune, India is the yoga guru B.K.S. Iyengar and the world-renowned Yogacharya. B.K.S. Iyengar’s disciple, Amit Pawar, will be overseeing our yoga routine during our stay and our work at the clinic. How good is that? Sherry Norma (an Iyengar-trained yoga teacher here in Calgary) has alerted us that we will be challenged. Thank you for the heads up, Sherry!

For those of you who would like to learn this type of yoga, you can find Sherry at The Yoga Studio.

Although Samuel Hahnemann, MD founded homeopathy in Germany, it is the country of India that has embraced and elevated the practice of homeopathy to where there are now both homeopathic and allopathic hospitals.

For a brief history, you can read more here.

At the end of our stay in India, we will be making a trip to the Ellora and Ajanta caves. Several years ago, I created a vision board/collage of exotic holidays that Ron and I would take at some point in the future. When I created the collage, our longest trip together had been a 13-hour car ride across the bald prairie with two small children—and that was long before it was a divided highway all the way from Calgary to Winnipeg!

In the collage, I placed a picture that looks remarkably like one of the relief murals in the Ellora caves. Makes you believe that creating visioning boards really works!! Check out the incredible photos.

On our return, I’ll be sure to include a photo from the caves in one of the February newsletters. We can look at it side by side with the collage photo to see how close we came!

So stay tuned for the newsletters coming to you from Pune, India! Next week’s newsletter has a special announcement unrelated to India, but look for an India update on the 21st!

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