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Being Love with Self and Other

When was your most recent experience of being listened to without judgment, where you were held in a quiet space of deep respect? Where another was simply there and curious enough about you, your life, and your thoughts so that you could speak without censorship and enter into their questions fully alive and passionate about what you do?

HearthMy guess would be that, like me, there have been maybe a handful of times. The first experience I had was a bank manager sitting down with me in a smoke-filled employee break room as a young 20-something. The conversation began simply with him saying ‘Tell me about yourself.’ I hardly knew where to begin. No one had ever asked me to talk about myself. Ever. What did he want? Facts? Boring. Future plans? Unknown. Dreams? Unknown. For the life of me, I could not figure out what mattered, why it should matter and why would he care to even know? Especially when I had no idea myself. Did I even know my ‘self’?

Soon I realized that he was simply curious. I have married a man who is like that as well. He simply wants to know about people.

My work is like that too. As a homeopath, part of how I see the healing relationship is to create a sacred space and ask simply, tell me about yourself. Tell me ‘Where does it hurt?’ Loving curiosity so that the process of healing can begin.

What I have learned in the 40 years following the first ‘Tell me about yourself’, is that every person, even with an ailment or because of an ailment has the opportunity to ‘hear themselves’, perhaps in a new way in a homeopathic consult.

Recently I had another experience of ‘Tell me about yourself.’ And ‘Tell me how you see healing.’

Meet Fiona Moore, Spiritual Mentor and Healer

FionaFiona Moore contacted me through a Heart of Business FaceBook Community hub. Bless her. After reading one my posts and curious about homeopathy (she was familiar with it) and my philosophy of healing, she reached out. We spent 45 minutes together where she recorded our conversation about healing, consciousness and homeopathy.

This was one of those times where you knew the person asking the questions was deeply curious and loving; someone who has the remarkable ability to create a safe/sacred space where you can be vulnerable, passionate and open. Such a gift of being Love with Self and Other!

Get to Know Fiona and Her Work

Really. Fiona is remarkable. If you need someone with a listening heart who can ‘help you heal and help heal the world too’, then Fiona is the guide for you.

Do sign up for her once or twice monthly newsletter. You receive an MP3 meditation that will help you find what she calls the “Heart of Your Being. Sign up at

Once you have signed up, you land on a page where she has written one of the most beautiful statements that pretty much summed up our time together.

Fiona’s meditation is where you’ll be guided…

to the Heart of your Being where the impulse of Life meets your conscious waking state. In this space you become your True Self, a being of energy and light, the nature of which is Love.

The more you allow yourself to be your true self, the more you fulfill what you came here for and help shape the world as Love.

What a gift to have someone like Fiona be a guide to finding this inner place of Love within.

The Roadmap for Awakening Interview with Fiona

Here’s the link to our recorded time together! Grab your favorite beverage, get comfy, have a listen and let us both know how the topic of consciousness, healing and homeopathy landed for you! Please. Tell us.

Yours in health and healing,


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