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An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Special guest Debby Bruck, dear friend and colleague shares with you today the remarkable healing properties of apples! Do you remember hearing the old saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’? Isn’t it amazing where you find truth? With today’s article you now have the science behind what your mother and grandmother already knew to be true. I call this kind of knowing “Grandmother Wisdom”.

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So grab your apple – juiced or whole and read Part 1 as Debby shows us the Healing Energies of Apples. Watch for Part 2 next week, April 11, 2017 and I will be back at my desk writing for you April 18th, 2017!

The Healing Energies of Apples: Part One

Our history with the power of fruit goes way back to Adam and Eve and the biblical story of Genesis when they ate from the tree of knowledge. Generations of great sages and common folk argue which fruit they ate. We often see images of Eve giving the heart-shaped apple to Adam.  As it happens, the domestic apple —  Malusdomesticacommunis — has connotations to the emotion of love. Not to be confused with either the “love apple” Lycopusvirginicus (tomato) or “Malussylvestris (crab apple), which each have their own special healing qualities; common sweet eating apples have incredible healing properties.

Did you know that apples are categorized in the same family as roses, the iconic flower for Valentine’s Day? Therefore, we can guess that on a deeper level all of these plants have an emotional component related to love, romance, lost love and lovelorn and the need to be connected to another.  When someone concerns himself or herself with love to a great degree, they may have feelings of worry, fear, anxiety and sadness related to unrequited love and their own desirability.

Like roses, apples, which are native to Eurasia, have their own unique fragrances for each species and may assist those with allergies and sinus problems. Malusdomesticus is not utilized as much for hay fever as the more well-known homeopathic remedies like Allium Cepa, Arsenicum Album, Euphrasiaofficinalis, Hydrastiscanadensis, Natrum muriaticum,Psorinum,Sabadilla, Wyethia. You can find the Malussylvestris apple tree gemmotherapy remedy from embryonic bud tissue if you want to try something very gentle.

For people experiencing romantic love, disappointed love and co-dependency compare Malusdomesticus homeopathic remedy to the top grief remedy Ignatiamara; the controlling and anxious and dependent Kali group; the passionate and jealous Nux vomica; the withdrawn Natrum Muriaticum, the exhausted and depressed Phosphoric acid; the highly sensitive and controlling Platina, the hormonal and unaffectionate Sepia; and the giving and perfectionist Carcinosin. With so many choices and available remedies in the homeopathic plant, mineral and animal kingdoms, a person can hardly treat themselves without a lot of study and comparative research. Always seek a professional for medical care.

Here is an example of a case where Maluscommunis helped heal. You will understand why care under an experienced homeopath is so important.

So, let’s take it down a notch to see what happens when we eat apples. Whenever we overdo with anything, the body will provide telltale signs of potential healing reactions on an energetic level. Homeopaths call this “provings,” like clinical trials. When I’m having digestive issues I like to have a nice bowl of warm homemade applesauce. It goes down easy, tastes yummy and soothes the soul, as well as the stomach. It’s the pectin that lines the intestine, adds bulk and fiber to enhance stool production and relieve constipation, too. Our ancestors knew the benefits of eating apples and now we have scientific explanations to teach us about what’s happening inside our gut. Please eat only organic apples and wash the skin thoroughly. Today, many apples are covered in wax and up to 110 pesticides. My grandma always told me the nutrients were in the skin.  Hold on to your candied apple because we’re diving deep:

  • Gut Health: Pectin acts as a prebiotic in specifically stimulating gut bifido-bacteria in Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Diarrhea (IBS-D) patients and is effective in alleviating clinical symptoms, balancing colonic microflora and relieving systemic inflammation. In view of its ability to re-establish a healthy gut ecosystem, pectin has the potential of being a therapeutic agent in IBS-D.  Read more about the use pectin as a treatment for IBS here.

Phloretin is a flavonoid found exclusively in apples and in apple-derived products where it is present in the glucoside form. Low concentration of the antioxidant phloretin significantly reduces biofilm formation, which play a role in Clostridium difficile infection, yeast growth and antibiotic resistance. Read more about Ploretin here.

  • Heart Disease and Stroke: European Food Safety Authority states that ‘Consumption of pectin contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels’. The authors of this research recommend that information should be given to the consumer concerning the beneficial effect obtained with a daily intake of at least 6 grams of pectin. In addition, the consumer should know that at least 10 grams of pectin should be consumed per meal when wishing to control blood glucose levels. ‘Consumption of pectin with meals contributes to the reduction of the blood glucose rise after those meals.’ Fruits and vegetables with the highest content of pectin are: Lemons, peaches, apples, oranges, grapefruit, apricots, carrot, tomatoes, potatoes and peas. Follow this link for more information.

Study: Cholesterol concentration in feces showed a significant increase by week 3 in rats fed 5% orange or apple pectin. Hepatic cholesterol concentration declined significantly in all pectin-fed groups. Serum cholesterol only declined significantly in apple-fed groups. Read more about the results at the National Center for Biotechnology Information

  • Gallstones:Gallstones are the most common cause for emergency room and hospital admissions of patients with severe abdominal pain. Although you may find instructions for an apple juice and apple cider juice cleanse for gallstones, please be aware that you may have a serious condition that requires surgery or medication. More importantly, drink lots of water and fluids every day.We don’t have any proof a yummy recipe of grated fresh raw apples and beets with a drizzle of olive oil and lemon juice will prevent gallstones, but it can’t hurt and will provide lots of pectin and fiber.
  • Asthma: Apple consumption during pregnancy reduces risk for childhood wheezing and asthma. A longitudinal study tracked dietary intake by nearly 2000 pregnant women, then examined the effects of the maternal diet on airway development in more than 1200 of their children five years later. Among a wide variety of foods consumed and recorded by the pregnant women the researchers concluded that the children of mothers who ate apples had a significantly reduced risk for the development of asthma and childhood wheezing.London researchers reported that people who ate at least two apples per week had a 22% -32% lower risk of developing asthma than people who ate fewer apples. And smokers eating, “moderate amounts of fruits and vegetables — and particularly apples –cut COPD in half.

In part one, we have touched upon scientific evidence that apples may help heal the gut, heart, and lungs. In part two, we discover how apples are beneficial for those with major diseases such as cancer and diabetes that take millions of lives. We will learn about the use of apples for detoxification and healing wounds and homeopathic symptom recognition.

Thank you Debby!

Watch for Part 2 next week!

Yours in health and healing…and crunchy apples,



Debby Bruck, educator, is a retired homeopath. In 2009, Debby opened Homeopathy World Community online network. You many listen to hundreds of archived BlogTalkRadio shows about homeopathy, “The Organon” and health; the “Health Inn” live stream videos are produced sporadically during the year on Debby believes, “Awareness, readiness and education are keys to change.” Curiosity about the world drives her passion to research and learn how we can improve our world through acts of kindness towards our self and others, with gratitude to our Creator.

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