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All Creatures Great and Small – The Humble Bumble Bee

“And what about “leading all Creatures back to their Creator”? I will announce this to the crows, scream it to the bears, emphatically tell the salmon, and whisper it to the ancient ferns at sundown- we’re all returning home, we are all returning home.” Quote from Trevor Malkinson Guest Blogger on Bruce Sanguin’s Website Home for Evolving Christians

Yesterday while weeding, deadheading and mucking about in the flowerbeds, I wondered, ‘what does it matter that I sweat, toil, pick, till and tidy? Tomorrow I could be gone and all would return to weeds.’

BeeThen the buzz in my ear, a glance at the False Spirea bouncing and shaking with the weight of bumble bees scattering tiny petals like confetti on church steps as the bride and groom emerge from the sanctuary…and the bees? Face first into the petals on the bush, drunk with pollen, pouches on the hind legs full to bursting. How do they fly with the weight of so much fertile gathering?

So much delight, industry and purpose…all in one little insect! I had to smile…what a joyful collection at the altar of life. This is what matters as I sweat and toil…joy. Simple joy and delight at being called by the bee…I am returning home, we are all returning home. Sweet whisperings from one of nature’s flying enigmas, I am led to Creator and creation through the busy bee.

The Bee and Homeopathy

Then of course, my thoughts ramble to homeopathy. Apis mellifica is the homeopathic remedy made from bee venom. (“Apis” meaning bee and “mellifica” meaning honey-bearing)

As delightful as it is to watch a bee and his single-minded mission of collecting pollen, consider a bee sting. Hardly delightful and often very painful, many kids and adults are terrified of being stung.

Summers as a child meant barefoot romps in the grass and often on gravel. I think I was much tougher then! I recall one summer being stung as I wandered in a patch of clover. Stinging pain that was unrelenting. All I wanted was a cold cloth pressed on the foot because the redness, swelling and heat was almost unbearable.

With the symptoms of the bee sting itself in mind, you can then use homeopathic Apis when those very same symptoms happen when stung by anything – wasp, bee, spider but even better, you can use homeopathic Apis if those very same symptoms of heat, stinging, swelling and redness with a desire for cold applications accompany any other complaint – like a sore throat or even a urinary infection.

Maybe you have even heard about bee venom being used to treat arthritis? Symptoms of burning pain, stinging, swelling and heat in arthritis…sounds like an Apis picture, doesn’t it? There is even published medical research about the potential for bee venom in the treatment of arthritis.

When the symptom picture of Apis (just like the bee sting itself) ‘matches’ the symptoms of an ailment, you have a homeopathic like curing like situation…even situations of chronic inflammatory diseases like arthritis.

There is also a product called Dapis Gel, which can be used topically in the event of a wasp or bee sting. Boiron homeopathic pharmacy makes the product and in the formulation you will note another very well known homeopathic first aid remedy for bites and puncture wounds, Ledum palustre.

When a Sting is More Serious

For many children today and some adults too, a bee sting can be very serious especially if the sting is on the face or throat area. In those situations a trip to emergency is needed although on the way you can still use homeopathic Apis to relieve some of the symptoms. More likely though, you are prepared with an epi-pen to ward off the potential for anaphylactic shock if your child has a history of severe allergic reactions to insect bites or food allergies. Kids Health has helpful advice.

Bee season is upon us and on more than one FaceBook forum I subscribe to, parents are sharing information about what to do and what to use for bee and wasp stings. Now you know! Share with friends and family.

Next to Arnica, Apis is likely the next best remedy to convince even the most skeptical of folks about the efficiency and efficacy of homeopathic remedies in acute first aid situations!

Yours in health and healing,



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