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Season’s Greetings and a Blessed Holiday Break

This week’s blog is simply a wish that you find peace, rest, good health and healing even if sickness has visited your home.

We have had a chronic disease diagnosis and sickness these past three weeks – in our extended family and with those closest to us. For me, these are times when family rallies together and help each other out. We are very lucky to have each other when times are challenging.

In the spirit of taking my own best advice to take time to heal and to be present as a helper for those who are sick (I am quite well – it is family members who have the flu), I am going to take 2 weeks off from newsletter writing this year. A first for me in 3 years!

These next two weeks will be kind of like a mini-retreat where I allow myself time to let go of crazy expectations of perfect Christmas decorations, perfect table settings and overspending. And if needed, a take out meal for Christmas Eve will be the ‘perfect’ menu!

What will be most important for me is that I am present, here and available in the now with those I love…in sickness and in health.

Enjoy your life with family and friends in the simplest and most loving kind ways this season.
Find ways to be gentle with each other.

As the quote at the top of the newsletter says every week…forgive yourself and love generously.

And as my mother-in-law Fernie used to love saying to everyone as the end of the year was fast approaching in the holiday season,

‘See you next year!’

Much love and yours in health and healing,


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