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Mites, Ants, Aphids, and Other Plant Pests

They suck, they spin, they crawl and creep…on the ground, in the ground, in and on the flowers, and…they show up where you least expect them. Bugs!! In an effort to expand my world of healing I am employing homeopathic remedies to help cure my lovely annuals and perennials from all that would prevent them … Read more

Unruly Chamomile

Did you have a chance to think on the essence of Chamomile? This is the plant from my little flowerbed. Before reading any further, have another look. What can you see? Then I will tell you what you can’t see — and what I see! What you might see is a very pretty plant in … Read more

Flowers and the Search for Meaning

“Flowers reflect the human search for meaning. Does not each of us, no matter how our life has gone, ache to have a life as beautiful and true to itself as that of a flower?” ~ Philip Moffitt Spring Greetings! Greenhouse plants and flowers are making their arrival in the grocery and big box stores, … Read more