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Arhive Title: Pertussis

Today’s Whoop: What’s Failing?

Today marks the kick off for our 5th session of Vaccine Free: Now What? woohoo! About 5 years ago, after reading published scholarly articles and sensational newspaper headlines about outbreaks of infectious illnesses and vaccine injury, I had an inkling that the whole issue of outbreaks was simply going to escalate. Fast forward to today. Outbreaks of whooping … Read more

Whooping Cough Reboot: The 100-Day Cough (aka Pertussis)

An outbreak of whooping cough in Central Alberta has been officially declared. In May 2013 I wrote about a diagnosed case from my practice (the whole family did well and yes…the child who had whooping cough had been diagnosed by the doctor). The child recovered nicely and the rest of the family was spared…the best … Read more