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Arhive Title: Influenza

Flu. Again. And a Gift.

Be sure to read right to the end. As a faithful subscriber to the weekly newsletters, I have a thank you gift waiting for you! Almost time to roll out the flu vaccine marketing campaign! To keep this a fast and easy read today, I am going to share with you a client’s recent experience … Read more

Frankenstein Flu with a Side of Sore Throat

Three years post graduation for me, I started up an ‘e-zine’ (that is what they were called back in the ‘old days’ just a decade and a half ago!). For many reasons, I stopped writing. Seems some of us need a few tries before we find our purpose! With a recent outbreak of sore throats … Read more

Flu Panic

You have likely noticed… the flu season seems to go year-round now. Fall used to be the seasonal onset here in Canada and the Northern Hemisphere, but that’s changed. Flu is no longer just seasonal. Depending on the year, even after the fall vaccine blitz, there are outbreaks of flu. In January 2013 in Calgary … Read more

Forever Flu – Phooey!

No flu ‘get your vaccine’ hoopla this year. The Centre for Disease Control and the World Health Organization picked the wrong circulating strains for a vaccine. That can happen because picking the 3 strains for a season is an educated guess based on what flu strains are circulating in the southern hemisphere. But flu is … Read more

EV-D68: There’s a New Bug in Town

Just a quick reminder before we get to the virus…the fall Vaccine Free: Now What? course is now open for registration. Sending kids back to school can take a big bite out of the budget so do take advantage of the instalment plan and the early bird price (available until this Thursday, September 18th). For … Read more