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Arhive Title: Gelsemium

Flu. Again. And a Gift.

Be sure to read right to the end. As a faithful subscriber to the weekly newsletters, I have a thank you gift waiting for you! Almost time to roll out the flu vaccine marketing campaign! To keep this a fast and easy read today, I am going to share with you a client’s recent experience … Read more


“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant.” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson and the quote at the beginning of the Thinking Moms’ Revolution’s first book. Today’s newsletter is short and it is a request for help. As parents, we put off getting sick when our kids our sick. … Read more

Open Wide! Back to School Dental Check Up

Back to school usually means getting the kids to the dentist for a check up. Always a good day when you hear, “no cavities!” Whew! Happy kids, happy checkbook. Hip-hippo-ray! But every once in a while, the news is a little harsher. Maybe a filling is needed or a tooth has to be pulled. Whether … Read more