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Ambassador: Karen Wade

Karen Wade
Karen Wade

What first interested you in homeopathy?

I was never interested in pharmaceuticals, so I worked with a naturopath and she introduced me to homeopathy.  Over the next few months I was feeling better and I was hooked.  She told me about homeopathic trituration and I took part in it.  Then found out a school for homeopathy was starting the following September and I knew I had to study.

I bought my first homeopathy book more than 20 years because I wanted to understand what it was…a foreshadowing for sure. The book didn’t help me to understand homeopathy so I didn’t pursue anything at that time.

What’s the most effective treatment that has made you think that homeopathy really works?

My daughter went to a new high school for grade 10.  Big school, new kids/friends etc.  She changed that fall – didn’t want to talk, stayed in her room a lot.  She basically went from my little girl – fun loving – to something “dark”. I was the bad guy in the house and she didn’t want to be around me. As well her acne was getting worse, so much so, I put her on Accutane even though this went against everything I knew and believed in. I knew the side effects of Accutane were horrible. I didn’t take  her to the homeopath because I didn’t think it would help.

It was 2010 and I was just starting to study it so I wasn’t convinced that it could go that “deep” and help my kid.  But I had to try something different because things weren’t getting better with her so we went to student clinic.

Within 24 hours after being put on the homeopathic remedy Chocolate, my daughter was sitting next to me on couch and said she wanted to spend time with me before visiting her close friend down the street. Within 3 weeks of being on her remedy her skin had cleared up and not a pimple since.

Another interesting tidbit about this story is that I was hoarding chocolate in a huge dresser drawer in my bedroom.  I wasn’t eating any of it, just hoarding it.  There was so much chocolate that the bottom of the drawer started to sag.  After my daughter took the chocolate remedy I threw out most of the chocolate or gave it away at work as I didn’t “need” it anymore because my daughter got the chocolate remedy. The energy of chocolate was needed between us and we haven’t needed it since.  We went back to our usual easy relationship and its been like that since. Homeopathy works!!  In 24 hours with no side effects.  No pharma drug would never be able to that and there are always side effects with drugs.

What is the biggest fallacy about homeopathy?

That’s it’s a placebo at best.  Its not a placebo as the above example proves that.  What keeps people away from homeopathy is they just don’t know about it.  It’s buried under our overprescribed medicalized society/pharmaceutical propaganda.  Big government and corporate America want to keep the profits for their shareholders and elected people get re-elected if they support this.

My home kit

The must have’s remedies for acute illness are Arnica, Apis, Ferrum phos, Gelsemium, Ruta, Ledum, Hypericum, Belladonna, Lycopodium, Nux vomica, Rhus tox, Aconite, Lachesis, Nat mur, Ipecac

I have many more but for acute illness these are some of the “must-haves” in your home kit.

The acute illness that stands out for me was when I woke in the middle of the night with nausea and was on my way to the toilet to vomit.  I grabbed ipecac 30 took it and it had an immediate effect so I turned around went back to bed and slept went to work like nothing happened.

To know homeopathy

I’ve told many people about homeopathy but they are skeptical.  I tell my friends to invest a little bit of time and money in their health.  People want immediate results which you can get with acute illness but generally for chronic illness expect to invest time and a few appointments with a homeopath.  They don’t want to.  They need to be educated.  They do listen but still don’t want to spend the money which is the big factor I feel.

The most exciting contribution that I’ve seen homeopathy make is that you do get a healing.  It’s not just to help people cope with illness but an actual healing does take place to body, mind and soul.  For me I had a noisy mind, lots of anxiety and with homeopathy I made changes that led to more contented and peaceful mind, a healthier mind which led to a more health everywhere – work and home.  My daughter now asks for homeopathy when not feeling well and tells her friends about it.  I’m helping one of her close friends.