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The Immune Defense Summit is online and free from July 24-31, 2017!

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Join Donna Powers as she discusses with Jonathan Landsman of Natural Health 365 the importance of fever – its purpose as a supportive part of the natural immune system in response to infectious illnesses.

Using references to conventional research, questions like: how high is too high for a fever and what happens if fever is suppressed with over the counter medications, will be answered.

By registering for the summit at the link above, you will have free access to my Vaccine Free: Now What? 12-Week course worth $595 CDN.

From the Vaccine Free: Now What? 12-Week course on Fever:

“The “war” on germs, viruses, and bacteria is over. War is an out-dated metaphor and, in fact, there never was a battle, only a misunderstanding of what is really happening in the body at a sophisticated cellular level. Our whole immune system is set up to adapt and evolve by working cooperatively with the virus and bacteria. Really? Yes. We get sick only when the immune system responds. That’s because our immune system creates the symptoms as a response to dealing with excess waste products created by virus and bacteria reproducing in our cells. (Hint…we’ll learn how the ‘house got dirty’ with virus and bacteria in the first place.)

Fever is a potent immune first responder and sets up a whole series of events that helps ‘clean house.’ How important is fever? We’ll learn from current medical science research in published journals what to do instead of using over the counter medications like Baby Tylenol to suppress a fever. I know… We were all taught that was the ‘safe’ way to treat fever! We’ll learn the science of what is actually happening with the immune system response.”

“Give me the power to produce a fever and I will cure any illness.” ~ Parmenides



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