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Dear Reader,

Thank you for being a reader and a subscriber to Homeopathy First Magazine…but…

It is with great sadness...

That the magazine, currently published as a web app and a mobile app through Magloft, will be discontinued as of August 12, 2019.

Existing customers will still have access to all five issues.

I have always wanted to make homeopathy accessible to everyone.

Homeopathy is a rich, innovative, reliable and sophisticated model of healing. Where conventional medicine is ‘anti’, working against our natural immune system, homeopathy offers a whole other paradigm for supporting self-healing and health. This was/is the message I wish to continue sharing with the world and with readers like you.

The truth is, producing and publishing the magazine was more than I could sustain. Rather than risk burn out or some form of dis-ease within myself, I had to admit to myself that it was time to find another way to share my love and passion for homeopathy that is healthy, robust, sustainable and just a little less stressful.

The dream of making homeopathy accessible to everyone continues.

The publication of homeopathic information and articles will emerge in a different kind of format… a rising from the ashes as it were.

I am currently making plans to have past issues and future publications available to all on this website.

If you have already signed up on the Powers of Homeopathy website, you can expect updates from time to time on the progress being made for future publications. If you haven't subscribed, please do below!

If you are new to this website...

Here are some links to some of the homeopathy resources that I provide, either free, paid or pay you can afford.

Homeopathy Courses

Free Homeopathy Courses

Homeopathy Starter Kit

New Mothers Resources

If you have comments or feedback, please use my personal email. I would love to hear from you.

Yours in health and healing,

Donna Powers

Donna Powers CCH, RSHom (NA)
Classical Homeopath