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Ambassador Interview: Katherine Skorupan

Katherine Skorupan

Q: What first interested you in homeopathy?

Katherine: When my now adult son was 3 and was diagnosed with asthma I went in search of a cure. When I saw him respond so well to homeopathy I knew that this was a modality I needed to learn much more about.

Q: What’s the most effective remedy that worked for you?

Katherine: There are many, but an easy one that I often give to people who have been stung by a bee or wasp is Apis.  Many people are surprised at how quickly they recover. Great introductory remedy.

Q: What do you think is the biggest myth about homeopathy?

Katherine: That just because it is not prescribed by a doctor, it must not work. Or that it only works on some things.  I have seen many people gain amazing recovery from a potentially devastating diagnosis and they just carry on, like that was the only thing that homeopathy could ever do for them and they go right back to their old ways of addressing what ails them.

Q: What are the must-have homeopathic remedies in your kit?

Katherine: Arsenicum, Mercurius iodatum, Natrum Muriaticum, Natrum sulfuricum, Apis, Ledum, Arnica, Hepar sulfuricum, Aconite, Hypericum, Chamomilla, Streptococcinum.

Q: Have you or your child ever had a vaccine injury?

Katherine: My oldest was vaccinated early on. She suffered the regular symptoms of ear-infections, eye goop, and eczema. After her six-month vaccine she had a very high fever and high-pitched screaming that lasted for several hours. Thankfully I did not suppress fever even in those days, and breastfed exclusively until she was eight months. I am thankful for the support of the La Leche League moms who gently explained along the way.

Q: What do you wish everyone knew about homeopathy?

Katherine: Homeopathy does not need faith to work and is very affordable! Its success in curing deadly disease is documented in history. It views us as a whole person – Mind, Body and Emotions, so it can support us to complete whole health gently and completely.

Q: What is the most exciting thing that homeopathy has to offer?

Katherine: I feel that homeopathy is a people’s medicine. It’s very nature is designed to be affordable and safe to use lending itself to households everywhere. It’s complexity, does not inhibit the ability for regular people to use it, and discover the benefits of its power to restore health.

Q: What does being an ambassador for homeopathy mean to you?

Katherine: I am naturally inclined to create community wherever I go.  When I was first introduced to homeopathy almost no one I knew had heard of it.  As I shared my personal story and journey with everyone who would listen, referring them always to the homeopath that has helped us over the years, more and more people have tried it.  Today, many people I know use it and are learning more about its potential. I was deeply moved by your offer to team up in spreading the word about homeopathy through the courses you offer and your website and fb. The “heart” behind your mission resonates with mine and I am so excited to take on this new challenge. I kit in every home is my desire for everyone I meet, so am so honoured that you saw my passion for homeopathy and are willing to trust me to work closer with you!

Q: Please tell us about you!

The awareness and need for acute “supporters” in the community is growing exponentially. Already I support numerous families with acute conditions. These families see a homeopath and I carefully guide them, while trying not to interfere with the “big” picture.  I see a need for this as when my children were young, they always got sick on Friday night and my homeopath was not reachable until Monday morning.  I would be pouring over my books in the wee hours trying to find a way to help them.

I do desire to create a study group – support network locally, but until your course came along, I did not feel I had the time to get this going.  Your course is so valuable for people new to homeopathy, and I was delighted to see you touching on principle and theory along the way.

I read into your messages that you are expecting great epidemics and pandemics to come about.  I agree with that.  In some way, they are already here. The allergy/asthma pandemic is crippling us as a society.  But these chronic illnesses need to be addressed by a very experienced homeopath.

My desire has always been to get to the root of issues.  My goal is to teach people how not to fear acute illness, how to celebrate symptoms as keys to understanding so that illness can be overcome naturally, and feel empowered to the point they are not running to the doctor for everything that ails them and their children.