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Ambassador: Karine Elhashemi

Karine - Homeopathy Support

Karine resides in Calgary with her family.  She is a proud mama of two.  An elementary French teacher by trade but since having had her own children, Karine has made homemaking her priority and is presently tutoring in French on the side.

She deeply values health, eating well, movement, being outdoors, living simply and as natural as possible as well as exploring the world through travel, being creative, making connections with others and being present.  Raising kids is her greatest teacher and gift.  Not only has it taught her so much about herself, her values, but it has also been a treasure of knowledge when it comes to health.

When she realized she was pregnant, she starting questioning all aspects of health and life, as you do.  She was drawn to all natural treatments that work with the body.  Karine had both children at home with a midwife.  It was then that she was first introduced to homeopathy, 10 years ago.  That introduction became a gift with her daughter’s eczema. Karine tried many alternative treatments and diets for 2 years, but it was working with a homeopath (Donna Powers) that finally cleared her daughter’s chronic condition.

After that, homeopathy became a fascination for Karine.  Something so natural, and gentle, yet incredibly powerful and collaborative with the individual’s constitution.  Now she has the pleasure of working with Donna and others who see the powers of homeopathy and would like to share it’s wonders of healing with others.

Q: What does being an ambassador for homeopathy mean to you?

Karine: It is such an honor to be part of the Powers of Homeopathy Ambassador team!!!  I have sincere endless gratitude for knowing Donna and for taking her course.  Her course has made me feel so strong and empowered in my decision to be vaccine free.  I want others to feel this way too.

Her vision of every family having a homeopathic kit resonates so much with me. There is such a health crisis happening and people need to get more informed and empowered to take charge of their health and their family’s health.  For me being an ambassador means putting the word out and getting homeopathy more out there and known.  I have seen it work wonders and I truly want as many people to have access in understanding this amazing healing modality.  I want to help spread Donna’s gift of knowledge, teaching and healing.  Thank you for giving me the opportunity.

Q: What first interested you in homeopathy?

Karine: I first learned about homeopathy when my midwife introduced it to me for after birth.  She also had told me a bit about the complementary system and how it worked. Right away it sparked my interest as another healing modality.  I then used it from time to time with my son for teething and fevers.

What motivated me to register for the Vaccine Free: Now What? Course was my daughter’s vaccine injury. I knew vaccination was no longer a safe option but I did want some support and knowledge about how to use homeopathy in outbreaks.  This course has been amazing for this.  Learning about homeopathy confirmed my vaccine free choice by giving me so much power of knowledge about each infectious illness. I was reassured in knowing that homeopathy can help support the natural immune system to self-heal in most of these infectious illness situations.

Q: What’s the most effective treatment that worked for you?

Karine: The most effective treatment was treating my daughter who had a serious eczema all over her limbs.  Her ‘chronic’ condition was healed completely through homeopathy.

Q: What do you think is the biggest myth about homeopathy?

Karine: Firstly, I don’t think many people in North America even know what it is at all.  Some think it’s herbs and others have no clue what you are talking about when it comes to homeopathy.  I think that the biggest fallacy for people that may have heard of it is that they think it is one of those things that only maybe work if you believe it because there is no “real science” behind it.  They say the little pellets have ‘nothing’ in them.

Q: What are the must-have homeopathic remedies in your kit?

Karine: Arnica, Belladonna, Apis, Aconite, Gelseium, Drosera, Ferrum phos, Sulfur, Arsenicum album, Rhus tox, Pulsatilla, Allium cepa, Ledum

Q: How did you discover the power of homeopathy?

Karine: My daughter got serious eczema after the DTAP vaccine.  And when we checked her gut  in a stool sample, we found she had Candida and very low to none healthy bacteria in the gut flora.  My daughter has never been on antibiotics and we eat really well, so the vaccine messed up her gut which in turn gave her very serious eczema on all her limbs as well as her becoming reactive to horses, other animals, as well as other pollutants and foods.

What has changed my life was firstly seeing my daughter heal through homeopathy for this condition as well as taking Donna’s course and opening my eyes to the truth and realities of vaccines.  I want everyone to know and be aware about both vaccine safety/adverse effects and the power of homeopathy to heal acute and chronic conditions.

Q: What do you wish everyone knew about homeopathy?

Karine: Homeopathy is amazing, and that it works; it works on such a deep level.  The life force of the individual is healing itself ( is how I see it). You just have to be patient because it can take time….but once the right remedy is given, the constitution of the individual as a whole is supported to self-heal in chronic conditions.  I have also seen it work for acute conditions where I gave my daughter Pulsatilla. She fell asleep instantly and woke up a different kid, healthy and recovered from the illness.

Q: What is the most exciting thing that homeopathy has to offer?

Karine: The most exciting contribution is empowering caregivers (parents and whoever else)  to be able to help support their child’s and parents’ natural immune system through a completely safe healing modality. Knowing when to seek a professional homeopath to truly heal (or support) chronic conditions is empowering too. Constantly masking symptoms with more and more prescription medication is exhausting.

For epidemics, homeopathy can help so much with its 200 years of history to support the claims. I want everyone to know about homeopathy. That is why I am an Ambassador!