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Corona Virus Homeopathy

Feel prepared for Coronavirus using Homeopathy!
Let's remove the fear!

Common cold or more serious?

 Is it related to SARS?

When I listen to presentations on the Coronavirus 2020 (a.k.a SARS-CoV-2) medical, media and homeopathic - I think "What can I do that is practical and helpful in the event of an outbreak?  How can I share what I have learned?" And I have had many ask me the very same question...what can I do?

I am eager to share more about the role of homeopathic remedies in situations of viral illness outbreaks. What are the common-sense measures we can take? What are some other natural support suggestions? We can learn from each other.

Let's get practical and build our confidence!

I have created this homeopathy course so that you can understand and feel prepared for Coronavirus or any other viral illness outbreak whether you are at home or when travelling.

Coronavirus Outbreak 2020
Practical Prevention and Healing Support

Coronavirus 2020 Homeoapthy
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 Available NOW!

Due to the dynamic evolution of the virus and its symptoms and because of the tireless work of homeopaths globally, homeopathic remedies are being suggested other than the ones already discussed in the course. Join me.

Register now and you will receive the recorded sessions and the live bonus lesson. Never too late to learn how homeopathy can help in a pandemic!

What participants are saying about the course:

“Just had a chance to skim over the transcripts from the course and they are so helpful. You are a master at making an offering that is clear to follow, full of information and empowering."

Homeopath - Carrie Stearns

"I am a registered nurse at an Urgent Care doing COVID-19 testing so I am anxious to get all this information. I just got caught up on the Tissue Salts Course  (Schuessler Twelve Tissue Cell Salts) and have gotten so much useful information. I have several books but am able to retain more hearing your stories. Thank you for taking the time to put together these courses for us!"



Recorded Sessions - Audio & Video

2 1/2  Hours of Practical Learning

The media is exploding with information daily - Coronavirus is on everyone's mind! But is it more serious than the common cold?

 Is it related to SARS? What does that mean for you and for your loved ones?

In these 2 1/2 -hour recorded practical sessions, we learn the basics of Coronavirus and we learn how to use your Homoeopathy kit for self-healing support. We also learn when this is an at-home situation, when you need to call a professional homeopath or when you need medical support. In viral outbreaks, often quarantine is important and the support of a homeopath could be helpful.

There are some basics on the virus with the major focus on symptoms - and how you would use the characteristic symptoms of remedies for individualized homeopathic healing support...naturally.

Did you know? 82% of people have only mild symptoms of this virus. You will never know, when you use your homeopathic remedy kit, what you have prevented.

Course Outline

I am pleased to offer an optional pre-recorded Orientation session, for those new to the online educational experience.

Topics Covered

A Review: What is Coronavirus?

What is Coronavirus 2020 a.k.a SARS-CoV-2? Is it a common cold or more serious?

 Is it related to SARS? Is this a pandemic? How dangerous is it really? The WHO and CDC have excellent information about the symptoms and this will be a quick review.

Common symptoms of Coronavirus

We look at the common symptoms - is there a difference between the Coronavirus symptoms and common cold symptoms?

Conventional Treatment of Coronavirus

What does conventional medicine offer when it comes to treating Coronavirus? Will you be treated in a hospital or a traditional setting?

Common Sense Prevention of Coronavirus and Healing Support using Homeopathic Remedies

How can you prevent the impact of Coronavirus outbreaks and keep your family healthy and well?

What are the practical commonsense actions you can take each day?

How can you use your Homeopathic Remedy Kit for self-healing support for viral illnesses?

The Details...

You now have access to this 2 1/2-hour course PLUS the 90-minute BONUS CLASS in audio and video recordings -  available to participants worldwide - as long as you have an internet connection you can learn.

The course content is recorded twice! Once in video/webinar format and once in an audio format and both are available NOW as a recording.

“I was very, very impressed with the amount of preparation you did for the Coronavirus course!  That, on top of delivering your thesis, would definitely be a load. The content you delivered was complete, concise, validated and very interesting.  I just wish I could easily remember all that you are teaching.  You could easily have been teaching from one of my graduate classes.” 

Colleen MPH

Transcripts are available for purchase. Details once you register.

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