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Donna Powers - Homeopathy Courses

After 4 years of homeopathic training, 19 years of private practice and as many years attending seminars, I am stepping out into the world to share with you what I wish I had known when I was a young parent. I wish I had known about this medical art and science of homeopathy. It’s been around for 250 years but somehow I missed this in my early parenting education.

Donna Powers

As background, I am a 1980s mom and a 21st century grandmother.

In the 80s, a ‘good mother’ vaccinated her children and was thoughtful about her parenting skills, her child’s self-esteem and somehow balanced notions about women’s liberation, being an at-home mom or a working mom and made sure that her child had the best education possible, which in most circles meant a French immersion schooling. That was the “ideal mother”.

In 1995, when the boys were 13 and 10, we discovered homeopathy. My oldest son had a “peeing” problem. Conventional medicine, after several invasive tests, said there is nothing wrong with him and there is nothing we can do.

Tell that to a pre-adolescent who is visibly in pain and suffering! We saw a homeopath in Winnipeg and overnight the peeing problem was gone. That was when I knew that this was something I needed and wanted to study. There was truly an alternative that could help.

By the time I graduated, I had started my research into vaccination. Had vaccines somehow contributed to the boys’ learning difficulties, ADD/ADHD and health issues? I can never know that for sure because I wasn’t even aware that there could possibly be any risk with vaccines.

On reflection, it was after the first DPT that my oldest son got his first cold, considered ‘normal’ at 4-5 months. It was after his first MMR that he got croup. Then it became one health problem after another.

I can only conclude, after 25 plus years of research that vaccination is an issue that parents must seek to know about and understand. It is now a part of what I do as a homeopath. I provide information about vaccination but I also work very closely with families who choose to be vaccine free.

Today, I offer my services as a private homeopathic practitioner, a teacher to parents and students of homeopathy, workshop consultant, speaker and author. I am on a personal mission to make sure that as many parents as I can reach, know about this medical art and science called Homeopathy.

That’s me and that’s my work! But if you want to know what I do and who I am in my spare time, check out my Facebook page. I am an eclectic reader and collector of ideas, always looking for ways to integrate what I learn in new ways. That too is me and that’s my play!

If you are starting out on this homeopathy journey please download the Homeopathy Starter Kit, a comprehensive collection on resources that will help you on your way. And yes, it is free!

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